[CLOSED] Eisen's Battle Tree Factory

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deposit pokemopn : cutiefly lv 10 male
wanted: cresselia

deposit pokemopn : cutiefly lv 11 male
wanted fuegro

IGN Dennis ! thanks
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Requested: Zygarde
Deposited: Cutiefly < Premier Ball> Lv. 10 Male
IGN: Apolo

Requested: Reshiram
Deposited: Cutiefly < Premier Ball> Lv. 10 Male
IGN: Tiago

-----> Tyvm for your time!
Pokemon requested: Gengar
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 12, male, net ball
IGN: Yuechen

Pokemon requested: Manectric
Pokemon deposited: Cutiefly, level 9, male, net ball
IGN: Rachel

Thanks a lot:D
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emporioapolo : I'm sorry, but I wasn't able to find either of your deposits... did they both get sniped? :S

ColdingLight : Sorry, but Groudon is currently out of stock...!

mertyville and Vsl : Unfortunately, the last Necrozma was already requested shortly before your request, so you'll have to wait until the next restock for it, sorry!
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