[Closed] (Winners see inside) Shiny, hex-flawlesss, Adament Gen 5 Starters Giveaway!

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*Giveaway is now closed. Please PM/IM (on #smogon/#smogonwifi as "AlphaWolf") me to organise a time before Tuesday 27th. If I have not heard from you at all (don't have to organise a time) by the 28th I will move onto the waiting list.
I am trading today (Sun 25th), between 10AM and 10PM GMT, and hopefully tomorrow (Mon 26th) at around 4:30PM-10PM. I will be on #smogon and #smogonwifi most of the day, if you want to IM me (rather than loads of PMs!). I will confirm through PM if I will be on at that time. Please add Joseph - 4556 5094 0259 before we start.*

Hi everyone!
I've been doing some Gen 5 RNGing lately, so I've abused for IDs, and got some shiny starters along the way.
To say thanks to the community, especially Kaphotics for writing the guide I used, I wanted to give some away.
I'm hoping to give away 10-20 of these, and as I don't have my Action Reply yet, and I'm having an operation on Tuesday, I wanted to get the thread out there so I can get organised for when I'll be giving them out (hopefully next Wednesday, 28th March), so sorry if this breaks some sort of rule, although I read the rules and didn't see one, other than it ending within 48 hours, which we will do :)
I am giving away 6 (number say increase) of each starter. Please choose one that is marked as "available", and I will allocate it to you.
These are all gift starters, received at the start of the game, met in "Nuvema Town". I reset my game multiple times to get all 3!
You have a choice of 3, and here they are (Thanks to Bukcert for the format!)

#495/498/501 ♂ Snivy/Tepig/Oshawott
OT: Joseph | TID/SID: 58108/37315
Nature: Adament | Ability: Overgrowth/Blaze/Torrent
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
EVs: 0/0/0/0/0/0 | Level: 5
Moves: Tackle | Leer/Tail Whip/Tail Whip
Non-redis (You can not trade)

They will be cloned using an Action Reply, or PokeCheck, whichever is preferred.
These are non-redis, and will be going on my new trade thread, when it's all complete. Please do not trade these on.
I know the nature isn't perfect, but it's a shiny hex-flawless starter ;)
Hope some people like them :D

Snivy #1: BwhiteShowlerD
Snivy #2: labarith
Snivy #3: Impact
Snivy #4: Metalexv
Snivy #5: Timyx
Snivy #6: KTVX

Tepig #1: C4RN4GE
Tepig #2: drakon136
Tepig #3: M. Rock
Tepig #4: HellFireVio94
Tepig #5: devstar
Tepig #6: darksoulSP

Oshawott #1: Texas Cloverleaf
Oshawott #2: Complications
Oshawott #3: zdrup15
Oshawott #4: Najdorf
Oshawott #5: Pink Floyd
Oshawott #6: LeoMence

Waiting List:
This is a list of trades that might happen. If a clone is not requested it will be moved onto someone on the waiting list. If I clone any extras, they will move onto the waiting list.

a0161613: Tepig or Snivy
muthisinghpandu: Oshawott
zero2exe: Oshawott
Emerald1398: Snivy
I would LOVE a shiny starter! Either Oshowat (gawd horrible spelling >_<) or Snivy. Or both! I dun like Tepig though >__>

Lemme know a time to be in wi-fi room and I'll post my FC!

I should really put my FC in my siggy... still new though. Will do so tonight.
I have an AR, so I can clone/redis these guys for you if you like.

I'd also be interested in that Snivy. PM me.
Once I beat the first gym leader, I'll trade the Oshawott to my other game then I might be able to send some.
Nope, don't have to do anything, it's just a thanks to the community :)
If people are ok with me using PokeCheck to clone, I can start tonight (in theory), otherwise, I might take labarith up on his offer :)
I do mean that I would be cloning them, and then distributing over WiFi!
I just beat the Gym Leader, so I'll post my F/C soon and we can start :)
I can't get it to "clone" on PokeCheck, it just downloads with the premier ribbon.
I'd prefer to not have them with premier ribbons, so if anyone can show me how to "clone" on PokeCheck, I'll be getting on with it! (I've heard it's at the bottom of the legality analysis, but all I see it this)
EDIT: Moved them to a new cart, so different IDs, I'll have to move them over, I guess :/
Getting 3 clones of each for now. I will trade those to the first 3 who asked for each, then I'll do more later. I need to make a list, this has become popular! ;)
I will do trades tomorrow. If you see yourself on the list, please PM me your F/C and a preferred time. I will be around tomorrow (Sat 24th) for most of the day, from around 9AM-11PM GMT.
My F/C is Joseph - 4556 5094 0259, please add it :)
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