Combee (Placeholder)



  • great base 70 speed
  • whopping seven-attack movepool
  • balanced attacking stats let combee hit equally weakly from both sides

move 1:
move 2:
move 3:
move 4:
Let's see.

In LC terms, Combee has a great base 70 speed but not much else. It does get Tailwind and Bug Bite, one for psuedo raising your team's speed and the other for eating the vast amount of delicious berries Little Cup has available. Its offensive movepool blows; the best you'll probably get is Swift/Air Cutter/Ominous Wind specially, and physically.. uh.. Bug Bite. And perhaps Endeavor.


Joke analysis.
its probably better not to overdo it with the joke analyses. if we were to do one for every semi pathetic pokemon, wed have way too many and they would lose their impact. plus, its not sure of whether they are allowed
With moves like that you can do a more serious anlysis. It looks like it is the only pokemon that can switch into rocks twice them use pinch berry endeavor. That's actually a decent surprise set.

Yeah make this serious.

if you want help making the (two?) sets that it should have them let me know and I can help you.
I've found that a number of Pokemon in LC rely on Oran Berry for recovery, and Bug Bite, combined with base 70 speed, makes Combee an interesting tool to use against defensive Pokemon to give others a chance to sweep (even though its Attack stat sucks...). I'm supporting serious analysis here.

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