Pending Command to remove all output of /-commands

Using a lot of /-commands for your own information can make the chat almost impossible to normally read back while you were busy. While you can also just leave and join the room to get rid of it, you would also be restricted to the last 100 lines of the chatroom. Having a command to directly delete this (for example, /clearoutput) would make things easier.

In the example below you can see me spamming /ds as I try to get a certain set of pokemon, with each command adding something I forgot in the previous one. It makes the chat really hard to read back after I'm done.
This would be a phenomenal QoL improvement in Game Corner and Scavengers! there are multiple GC games that depend on /ds and /ms as well as a Scavengers hunt format that are popular where people identify the parameters or combination of a parameter & exclusion to produce a ds/ms result. This would be very appreciated and I'd be extremely grateful if someone could implement this! As a staff member of those rooms, I'd rather not have to clear chat messages on my screen to clear these param searches.

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