Company Mafia - Day 5 End - Won by the Workers

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Company Mafia

COMPANY INC. was a perfectly functional establishment until not so long! You see, the economy isn't doing so well, and downsizing isn't a rare sight. Unfortunately, the situation at Company Inc. took a turn for the insane. Some of the HIGHER UPS might have missed the definition of downsizing, and the bulk of you WORKERS have heard rumors of underworld-esque attempts at 'minimizing losses'. While you remained skeptical at first, it seems it can't be avoided. I mean, it almost feels like most of the participants of Company Inc. have... disappeared. You have families to feed! You don't want any of this.

And so you decide to rebel against the Higher Ups. As... Workers, duh.

Luckily (?) for you, the Higher Ups have decided to play along with your little game! With a random set of rules, you are suddenly granted the authority to fire anyone you wish, once a day. As a group. This can only go well.

This day in particular would have been bright and lovely had it not been afternoon already! This leaves you a whooping 48 hours to fire someone. Good luck!

Role PMs are being sent out. Game will start when all of them are out. Try not to post until then.
Useful Links:
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Day 5: VC 5.1 VC 5.2 VC 5.3 VC 5.4 VC 5.5 End
Links to everything game-related.

Rules: (read these)

1. There will be a lynch during every day period. The voting action is ##Vote <player>, the unvote action is ##Unvote. You must unvote before every new vote or else it will not count. The number of votes for a majority will always be announced at the beginning of the day. A player with a majority of votes will immediately be removed from the game.
2. Each day period ends after exactly 72 hours have passed or when majority is reached. If there is no majority after 72 hours, a randomized Vanilla Town will be lynched.
2.1. Day 1 will end after exactly 48 hours. You can’t vote ‘No Lynch’ during Day 1. Everything else is normal.
2.2. ‘No Lynch’ is a valid option on any other day period. Majority for ‘No Lynch’ ends the day without a lynch.
3. Possible LYLO or MYLO will always be announced at the beginning of the day. There will be no deadline during possible LYLO or MYLO.
3.1. LYLO = Lynch or lose, when town has to lynch scum in order to avoid losing.
3.2. MYLO = Mislynch and lose, when town loses only if they mislynch.
4. Each night period ends after exactly 24 hours. Submit any eligible actions to Blue_Tornado during this time.
5. You may not quote or screenshot any game-related information that is not from the game thread.
6. You may not edit or delete posts. This is your only warning.
7. You may not talk to anyone about this game outside of the game thread. You may not post in the game thread during night phases or after majority hits. This is also your only warning.
8. Any offenders of these rules will immediately be removed from the game.
9. You may not talk to anyone about this game once removed from the game.
10. You must post in the game thread once every 24 hours. Failure to do so will result in a prod. Two consecutive failures and you will be subbed out. Three prods and you will be subbed out. Notify Blue_Tornado of any activity issues in advance.
11. Rolename and allegiance of a player will be revealed upon death. No in-depth information regarding the rolename will be revealed, even if it exists.
12. Role PMs lack in-depth flavor. If you really want to know how particular roles work out, ask Blue_Tornado.

13. Join to be competitive. Play to have fun. Offenders of this rule will be slapped.
14. If you've never played a No Outside Contact mafia game before and this looks confusing to you, you're best off speculating from the sidelines.

Alive: (7)
pokemonrocks777 j-squared
Da Letter El
shinyskarmory Yeti
Aura Guardian
UllarWarlord - Town Innocent Child

Fired: (10)
manav95 - Vanilla Town - Godkilled D1
Darkpenguin67 - Mafia Backup - Lynched D1
Paperblade - Vanilla Town - Nightkilled N1
Rediamond - Vanilla Town - Deadline'd D2
Orcinus Duo - Mafia Role Cop - Lynched D3
Jalmont - Town Sheriff - Nightkilled N3
Walrein - Mafia Godfather - Lynched D4
Itchni - Town Doctor - Nightkilled N4
capefeather - Town Neighborizer - Godkilled D5
Vintage Books - Mafia Roleblocker - Daykilled D5

Metal Bagon
All Role PMs are out.

Suddenly, you notice a new and strangely optimistic face. The new guy, no doubt. You later find out that his name is UllarWarlord.

UllarWarlord is the Green Worker, Town Innocent Child. Carry on.

It is now Day 1, which ends in ~48 hours: 5:00 PM EST. Remember that you may not vote "No Lynch" today, and that no majority equals a randomized Vanilla Townie lynch. Better get to lynching!

Also remember to follow the rules.

Votecount 1.1

Not Voting (17): Everyone!

With 17 players it takes 9 to lynch. Deadline is in 48 hours and 45 minutes.

Ok, we've established that I'm clean. I expect everyone to post their thoughts in the game before I can give any scumreads.

And in case you didn't know, I'm clean. Oh, and I have no powers beyond being publicly revealed.
I love having to lynch without nothing at all to go on. There's literally nothing we can do about it either

uhh ##Vote Vintage Books because your name is hipster-ish
"gl everyone" is clearly the mark of scum trying to avoid making a serious comment, and we should lynch anyone who makes this remark. With that said,

gl everyone
Let's get a grip, guys...I have an idea for a vote, but as it's slightly premature, I won't say it until tomorrow, in case my mind changes. I hope I don't let you guys down... :<
i just wanted to let everyone know that i am a one shot question asker and i used it on orcinus duo and it turns out he is scum!!!

everyone follow me blindly and lynch this bad man

##Lynch Orcinus Duo

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