Company Mafia - Day 5 End - Won by the Workers

Yes, I am clean based on my role.

Aura Guardian and Vintage Books are under scrutiny.

DLE is currently leading the town.

Replies in bold.

Ok, Vintage Books time:

He supported the Itchni lynch. already explained this. Since Orcinus Duo and I sort of agreed on that one, I'm not one to talk. However, he and Walrein both answered Itchni's "don't vote me" questionaire with something along the lines of educated guess or looking at posts. idk what you mein to gain from this. He also speaks against a Darkpenguin lynch. I spoke agaisnt this because I thought DLE was acting like scum, not because I thought Da Letter El was "reading too much" into it. OK. I know this is going to sound like a shitty excuse, but at that point I still had no idea how NOC's work, and when DLE posted all that stuff about DP, I was like "rofl how can you know that shit just from looking at a few of his posts" or something along those lines. meh and I did think DLE was seeming a bit like scum at the time too i suppose. He was also somewhat away for Day 1 and semi-inactive. I was on vacation ._. Next, he posts a list of reads without much justification (some people had some). When Rediamond votes him later, he attacks the reasoning behind it as "???" but I looked into it, and his reason (Vintage Books not contributing much, but also not drawing attention) seems far more valid than ???.He then casts suspicion on coolking for similar reasoning. Day 2, he suggests an Orcinus Duo lynch, but I think we all know how that didn't come too close. He votes capefeather, I dont really think the fact I voted capefeather means a lot, a few other users including j-squared (before he was godkilled) had very high suspicions of him, for similar reasons to me. but swiftly removes. His later support for Orcinus Duo was a toss-up between him and Walrein, so nothing in his favor there. Aside from a disturbing lack of substance in his posts, he continues voting capefeather, which is what Orcinus Duo did... I'm pretty sure I didn't keep voting cape, because i distinctly remember being one of the ones voting OD out.

##vote Vintage Books

I have that better target for you, DLE.

eugh this is kinda shit but i just woke up.

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I am not in the mood for dealing with this game tonight, but deadline's in what, 12 hours? Ughhhhhhhhhhh

I'll try to figure stuff out later =/


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I really have no idea who to vote today. I only have two suspects though, Vintage Books and Yeti. I guess I'll ##Vote: Yeti until she decides to stop being lazy and actually posts something.
Votecount 5.5

Vintage Books (2): Aura Guardian j-squared
Aura Guardian (1): Da Letter El UllarWarlord
Yeti (1): Cereza

Not Voting (4): Everyone else!

With 8 players it takes 5 to lynch. Deadline is in 14 hours and 12 minutes.


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yo retard your reading comprehension is bad. i did post something, it read: pls give me this information.

nobody has given any details.

why don't you answer my questions huh kiddo? don't have anything to say on the matter do you?

such quality contributions.


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time to make a play.

##pill vintage books

##vote aura guardian

time 2 find out which one of these users is the scum. another vote or two onto ag would be nice, to get majority on this man. you'll see what's going to happen :)


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why don't you post what posts prove AG is clean?

oh. that's work on your part too isn't it? the fact you are unable or unwilling to provide the answers to basic questions or your own evidence shows a clear lack of evidence from your point of view, that, or you are trying to defend a scumbuddy.

there's 32 pages of this game kiddo there isn't a single person who would read through all of them at this point `-`

either summarize why ag is clean or my vote sticks.

My personal reason for voting him is he claims he thinks ss is mafia, then townish, then has suspicions on me when I haven't posted anything. This is from page 29.
Also his role is absurd, a permanent BPV? Yeah that's a really convenient reason, he seems to be claiming hooker from what I gather, there is no way that a village hooker can only be killed by the mafians forcing a mislynch on him, or waiting for their kills to not get hooked that they claim majority of the votes.
Not to mention we have a bodyguard as well from what I can deduce, y, y we have 2?
"What did you do to Vintage Books?"
"Why don't you ask him yourself?", said Yeti.
"We can't! He's dead fired now!"
"That should be your answer, then."

Vintage Books was the Vice-president, Mafia Roleblocker.

The rest of you look around. It takes you a few moments to realize the entirety of the Higher Ups have been eliminated! The day isn't even over!

"Anticlimax much?"

You propose a party for celebration. Unfortunately, figuring out what to do afterwards will not be easy. Maybe with the right employees, people that follow the rules. Yeah, that sounds promising.


Postgame is on its way. The end result itg might hint that I have plenty to talk about.
I knew Vintage Books had to be the hooker! Epic.

You know, in a way, my godkill might have been for the best. It did, in a way, rob the mafia of his N5 kill.
Was a vanilla. Thank god i didn't get lynched since the convo would have went more or less like this:
"you're at L -1. Claim"
"there are no vanillas in this game!"

(and yes, I know we lycnhed a random vanilla earlier).

Also, is this the first NOC village win on smogon? We hit on every lynch but the walrein lynch, which would have been correct anyways.
edit: the first one, I mean
no longer must I resist the urge to correct grammar mistakes
which means now that I have the ability to do so, the urge is gone.

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I would have changed my vote to vintage books; the interaction on d1 with orc being like "what i had no idea he was playing" stood out in my mind, and ag's change in claims to being a full bpv changed my mind on him for the most part.

But yeah good job village! Not even one mislynch technically.
My win condition states the elimination of the higher ups, not my survival. I assume its the same with the rest of the dead villagers.

And why i didn't protect you is because this game was won on the psychological part of the game. The mechanical part of the game was worth nothing. That's why I kept on Dale.
And heres the PM that was used for my codebreaking purposes

Same name as here, I haven't played quite as much as I used to due to a new job and how badly the servers have been in the past week or so. But hit me up if I'm on.

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