Company Mafia - Day 5 End - Won by the Workers

Yay, we won...good job DLE!!! Hahaha

But really, getting Darkpenguin lynched D1 in a tight vote was probably the best thing that happened for the village. Helped to get reads on people much more easily.

Sorry for suspecting you so much capefeather. I was vanilla had had very little info to go on. For the people who thought PR777 could have been mafia...ARE YOU CRAZY?!


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The sad part is my excuses for my limited posting were 100% true and you guys lynched me anyways :(

Whatever, GG. I was hoping Jalmont would inspect me due to my scummy behavior, but that wasn't the case and then my team decided to kill him on the one night where I couldn't be there to do actions.

I've always been better at finding scum than being scum :/

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