Compendium of Rejected Sets - NU Edition

Here lay all sets that have already been reviewed by the Quality Control staff and have been rejected. Before posting a set, read this to make sure that no similar set has been posted and rejected first. If a set is similar to a rejected set, there needs to be extremely solid reasoning as to why the set is different from an already rejected set and/or should be given a second chance. Sets that are too similar to an already rejected set are liable to be locked on sight, and in addition, you may be given a warning for posting such a set.


Simisage (Physical Attacker) -

Fraxure (Mono-Attacker) -

Torterra (Choice Scarf) -

Walrein (Curse) -

Weezing (Choice Specs) -

Sawk (Bulk Up) -

Metang (Mono Attacker) -

Last Update: April 21st, 2012

QC Guys, send Zebraiken a PM to edit a set into this list

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