Complain about your stupid and probably insignificant problems

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Soo I'm surprised this hasn't been done yet. Wow.

Basically, we're all only human. Our lives are just big emotional roller coasters when you think about it. It's also full of disappointments. Then, there's those situations where that coaster happens to go crashing down. Like, hard.

Something eating at you? Been unlucky? Had some mishaps (that ideally shouldn't be the RNG trolling you in Pokemon Showdown)?

Well, then, here's where you bitch about all that stuff. Bitch, complain, sympathize, the works. The severity or gravity of the situation varies depending on the person, so your call.

The thread's tl;dr in four seconds
I have been looking for the lyrics to this song for like half an hour and I swear they aren't on the internet. I would just transcribe them myself but I have 2 AP tests this week and really should stop procrastinating.

Also I have a cold.
I think all of the rap battle and karaoke threads are awful. They were cool at first but then X5Dragon took over and started posting one every week. Not only do the same group of 5 people enter every time but when a new person enters and says they'll do a song they never actually do. And then somehow a Round 2 thread is posted days later when only 3 people participated.


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there are too many people who think they're funny but are not |=[

solace is a (BAN ME PLEASE) and is super not funny. jabba is rly funny but doesn't find me funny |=[

i couldn't find an actual job this summer so i'll prob just jack off all day |=[

elena is still a b*tch |=[
You know what grinds my gears? My dad and I wake up at the same time in the morning and we both like to take really long morning showers. The house has 2 showers, and if both showers are being used at the same time, my shower will sometimes not get heated water or will not get water at all.

i really hate when people hashtag/greentext on places not named twitter/4chan is human garbage for putting a hashtag in a song title
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