Condensing the Rotom-A analyses

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The current Rotom-A analyses are a clusterfuck where it's hard to compare all the different Rotom-A sets side by side.

I'm suggesting that we have a single Rotom-A analysis, with 6 sets:

Standard Defensive
Charge Beam
Dual Screen
Rain Dance (Rotom-W)

Special attacks would simply be slashed on like normal attacks, but there would never be more than one special attack as an option on any analysis (all special attacks must be slashed in the same slot).

There would also be a "Which Rotom Forme Should I Choose?" paragraph in there, essentially a condensed version of my Smog article, explaining why to use each specific Forme.

We can work out details like how to display the sprites here as well.


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I'm opposed to this. Having one analysis for all the Rotom formes will make it a massive tl;dr, especially with each forme contributing differently. By allowing each forme to have a different analysis page, we can truly show each forme's strengths and weaknesses. Also, some common sets play differently due to their special attacks, which would make the set comments even longer.

Also, even if we were to do this, you forgot about Defensive Substitute and Annoyer for Rotom-S.

Edit: Disregard most of this, I changed my mind :P.

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Not at all. "Annoyer" is gimmick at best and retarded padding. It's only there because Rotom-S can't do shit else. Meanwhile, "Defensive Substitute" literally does NOT use the special move, and the fact that it's only on one of the five sets is baffling. There's plenty of Pokemon that switch out instantly at the sight of Rotom either way.

Also, give me an example of how "common sets play differently" enough that it would actually be a problem. Don't just say "omg that won't work because" unless you're willing to prove it. You'll find that in trying to prove it you'll realize that you're wrong.
I think this is an excellent idea, although there would be certain situations where it would be necessary to slash more than one special attack onto a set. Choice and Defensive would both need Overheat/Leaf Storm and maybe Hydro Pump slashed on, depending on which form you pick and what your team needs.

Edit: I can see what supermarth is saying, but I don't think it would affect this to the point where separate analysis pages are necessary. If you just put how to play the sets on different formes in the 'which one do i choose?' section, it shouldn't be a problem (like saying use Hydro Pump if you want to get rid of heatran/tyranitar, leaf storm for swampert, or overheat for scizor and only use fridge on a hail team, etc). Substitute and Screens should at least get a mention because they are viable, if uncommon, sets.

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Yeah, and I mentioned something regarding that. It'd just say Overheat / Leaf Storm. However, in no case will it say "Overheat" in one slot and "Leaf Storm" in another. All special attacks will be slashed in a single slot to avoid confusion.

Also, if a set requires a special attack it will be noted in comments.


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I completely agree with the idea. It makes it easier for someone who wants to find information regarding rotom-a in general.

Also I don't think it will be that massive and we have the new thing to hide stuff so i don't think it matters the size of it.
I definitely agree with this, having seperate analyses for all the formes is both repetitive and unnecessary. If someone wants to conjure up a valid argument in opposition, one that displays the competitive value of the alternate Rotom Formes, and one that shows that these unused formes are more than just 'other options', then I will gladly retract my opinion. But as it stands, the Rotom formes everyone uses are used for a reason, and their marginal value is no different from the standard Lucario sets' marginal value over, say, a Calm Mind Lucario set, which by the way, 'could work if given the proper support' (which is essentially the same argument any opposers in this thread will hide behind).
Coincidentally enough, Calm Mind Lucario is mentioned in the Other Options section of the Lucario analysis, so why should this be any different?

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I think this is a good idea, competitively Rotom-A is essentially a single Pokemon with some unusual move legality issues and a choice of sprite. If we are using Nintendo's species clause then being able to use multiple Rotom's on one team is just an imperfection in the shoddy implementation.

If you look at them all side by side (middle click: C, F, H, S, W), almost all of the sets are near identical. Combing them into a single analysis would decrease redundancy while bringing information about the formes together so that players can more easily find out which would be the best for their team.
Yes. Multiple times I've looked at the analyses for Rotom-A and thought it should be just combined. Each of sets are very similar, with the only difference being the occasional unique move for each. The section in which the formes were compared would be great to fix that.

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Being the person who originally wrote 3/5 (one I collaborated with) Rotom-A analyses, a lot of the information was semi-redundant aside from a few minor details that involved their special attacks. You're probably be alright with removing Dual Screen. It wasn't even on the December statistics, and I doubt it will be in January (unless it's that underrated). Still, others on IRC came to defend the set today (I guess I didn't find anyone last night) so it's cool to add it I guess.

I was 50/50 on IRC because of the moveset differences could get a little messy, but if you're mentioning each Rotom's advantage in a section, then yeah I agree with this proposal.
Posting to agree w/ this proposition. Every time I have gone on site to look for a Rotom-A set, I have just randomly picked out of the bunch, and I always just assumed they were the same. Also, as I said on IRC, I don't think the dual screen set should be removed, as I have definitely seen a lot of notable players use it, demonstrating the set's effectiveness.
I agree with this. All of the analyses are the same. In fact, most of the SET COMMENTS are nearly identical, except with the name changes.

If we are doing this, then there has to be a separate section that explains the advantages of using each Rotom forme, like you said.


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I suggest including the "Which forme is best for me" section in the Overview section. If people know which forme they're looking for before reading the movesets they'll probably have a better understanding of how it will impact their team (instead of reading the sets and then having to decide which forme is best).
They look very similar, so this should work, but maybe pointing out some few diferences in each rotom. Also, you can link to "Appliance Shopping", so that you know who to choose.


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My problem is this for the move-exclusive based sets:
C and H preform similar roles, just hitting different Pokemon.
W and F preform similar roles, barring the whole Rain Dance thing, just hitting different Pokemon.
and S does its own sorta thing.

Then the differences between these 3 general catagories of the Rotom formes is pretty decently sized.

The general role of a set WITHOUT special moves between them is the same, but you're going to need a lot more than 6 because of the difference between each one, unless you put a LOT of slashes and a description longer than the entirety of TTar's Analyses for every set.

Pretty much, if you want to do this, definately divide it up a little bit more so this is actually managable.

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