Congrats cbrevan, snake_rattler, and Sunfished!


We have the technology.
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As CAP continues to grow, so does its need for moderators. I have been extremely pleased to return as your CAP Head Mod. While CAP24 went quite well, we are always in need of more leaders to assist the community. Moderating can be a daunting task, but it is ultimately some of the most rewarding work in CAP.

cbrevan has been upgraded to full moderator status. He is too smart and gifted to not be fully on staff here in CAP. I can’t wait to work with him further to improve the CAP Metagame!

snake_rattler has proven to be extremely levelheaded and capable. He is already excited about competitive improvements that can be made to bolster the project.

Sunfished isn’t only a winning artist, but also a kind and supportive user in all things flavor. From being well-known to actively improving the art community, we couldn’t have a better person join us as a flavor moderator.

Congrats to these three!
Why are there not any good synonyms for congrats??? I need more words to express how absolutely amazing all of you are! Well deserved all the way around!

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