Congrats to Dogfish44 and Jho!


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As we prepare for Gen8, the current CAP moderation team deemed it wise to add a few more moderators to the team to help facilitate the project. These two are long-time veterans and we couldn't be more proud of their inclusion to our staff.

Dogfish44 has been contributing to CAP since Arghonaut (CAP6), so his presence has been here longer than most people reading this post. He's incredibly kind and diligent with his work. I haven't counted, but I bet he has more movepool submission wins than any other user; you can count on him to provide guides and feedback on realistic movepools and flavor options. He's also a great competitive contributor, with his most notable submission being the concept for Equilibra (CAP26).

Jho is an active battler and participant in the competitive aspect of CAP. He's been battling in our metagame for several years now and a constant contributor to our CAP Metagame subforum, including running our team repository and running some tournament stats. He recently was the Stats Leader for Equilibra (CAP26) and has been an active contributor for some time now to our forums. Expect to see him bolster even more resources for our competitive community here in CAP.

Congrats to these two!
Congrats, Jho and Dogfish44! I've never really been much of a "CAP contributor", although I am interested in the work here at the CAP Workshop, and from what I've seen, I know that Jho and Dogfish both deserve this role! Luck may be in your favor, I hope!

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