Congrats to Mx, quziel, and a few others!


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With a few departures over the past few years, it's about time the CAP Moderation Team bulked up its numbers a bit. Please note that this is a really difficult decision to make in general due to how many fantastic veteran contributors we have here in CAP. However, we agreed as a team that these two users have proven themselves to have a great competitive understanding of CAP's process and its metagame. But most importantly, they're both great team players who are willing to pitch in with great ideas.

Mx (previously known as mxmts) has been contributing to CAP for many years. You probably know him best as the Topic Leader for CAP28: Miasmaw. He's also a Room Owner in the Create-A-Pokemon Project PS room, and has left a meaningful impact over the competitive creation process of our CAPs over the past several years. If you've talked with Mx, you'll know he's extremely level-headed and will champion the role of CAP moderator with humility and patience.

quziel is an active battler and participant in the competitive aspect of CAP. He's been battling in our metagame for quite some time, is a CAP Room Owner, and a member of the CAP Metagame Council. He was recently the Typing Leader for CAP28, and I'm sure will have more roles in the creation of our CAP projects in the future. quziel is an eager, active user who is constantly looking to improve both himself and CAP.

While not promoted to moderator, I also wanted to highlight that TheCV has been promoted to Head of CAP Cries here in the Create-A-Pokemon Project! You might have noticed over the past month that all of our CAPs make glorious and varied cries when they enter the battlefield. This is largely due to the work of TheCV, and this promotion will help them continue to update and implement future cries. Please contact them with any questions you have about CAP cries. More leadership positions similar to this may be popping up in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

As a final note, we'll be getting out some new CAP badge nominations in the upcoming weeks here. If you ever have questions about the CAP badging process, don't hesitate to send me a PM. The CAP moderators collectively decide and nominate new badges for the CAP Project, but I tend to spearhead and initiate those conversations. I'm happy to field any questions you may have!

Congrats to these users!
Gratz to both of you

I remember when mx first joined and now look at him he is now a moderator congrats my guy :blobwizard:

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