Congratulations Birkal!

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We have another rising star in Create-A-Pokemon! Congratulations to Birkal on becoming the latest in a long line of CAP leaders to be promoted to Smogon Supermoderator! For those of you that don't know, Supermoderator is a Senior Staff position in Smogon and it recognizes staff members that are leaders and active participants in multiple areas of Smogon.

Also, I am promoting Birkal to the newly-created position of CAP Head Moderator! In this role, Birkal will be acting to help coordinate various activities and reponsibilities of the CAP moderation team in running day-to-day operations on the CAP project. More about this new position will be explained in the upcoming CAP Leadership Structure Policy Review, which will also introduce a few other new leadership positions in different areas of the Create-A-Pokemon project.

Congratulations to Birkal on these much deserved promotions!


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i remember a couple months ago saying it was a shame that birkal modded six forums and wasn't an smod

problem solved


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Huh. How about that.

Much-deserved congratulations etc etc, I've added you to the HTML for the CAP Project Leadership page update, do feel free to check it if you have the time or feel like seeing your name under its own heading or something

I'm sure we'll be told what Head CAP mod entails at the appropriate time

Three cheers and good luck, all hail the VM Lord, and by gum congrats
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