Congratulations to OI's newest moderator...

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... @Layell!

I was tempted to draft a long congratulations post filled to the brim with puns in honor of our newest moderator, but I have a feeling we'll be getting enough of those from the man of the hour himself.

Layell has been a vital part of Orange Islands from its inception. For over a year, he has organized and hosted Orange Islands movie nights, providing IRC regulars with hours of crackpot jokes and cringe-inducing witicisms. With Pokémon X and Pokémon Y right around the corner (only two months to go!), we were in need of fresh blood. Luckily, we didn't have to look too far.

Please join me in congratulating a very deserving user on his promotion!

Congratulations! I kinda saw this coming seeing how involved he is.

Back in November when I wasn't really part of the community yet, I showed up to my first Orange Islands movie night. I said that I was new and he was literally the only one who said hi to me. good guy :)

i'm next mod please


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Hope now you won't feel so bad about triple posting in the movie nights thread! :p



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Congratulations Layell :)

Hope you do well in your new role and help keep some of these whipper snappers at bay!


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Yup, this seems like a great choice to me! Congrats Ian, I honestly can't think of anyone better for the job! Keep it up!
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