Congratulations to the Arnold Family on their Guinness World Record!

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This is impressive! You guys must have great fun doing this as a family. And it's awesome that all of you have achieved such success. Congratulations!


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Thank you all so much. We have been keeping this rather quiet until the official release date of the book which is today. We actually did the photo shoot for the picture in the book at worlds last year in San Diego. They contacted us all the way back in June.

Our time playing together as a family has been amazing, and we never expected to make so many great friends over the years.

Special thanks to Rushan and Aaron. You guys are great.
If only I'd seen that image earlier... I wouldn't have had to use one where you're wearing a Byfuglien shirt.
Wow, all the god damn hater comments below the video.. Screw you.
Good job on getting this title :)
Definitely inspiring! I only wish I had such a supportive family. For now I'm stuck hanging out with dorks like Firestorm and Eradd.


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Congrats to the Arnold family (:

Definitely gonna be a inspiration when I bring my cousins and siblings to their 1st vgc.
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