Congratulations to the new QC Team members: AccidentalGreed, Pocket, and zdrup15

I wanted to take a minute to make this thread and shout a big congratulations to these three users as they're now members of the OU Quality Control team. Keep up the good work, guys! I look forward to working with you.


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Yeah, we talked this over and decided you'd all be great additions. I'm quite busy nowadays with other areas of Smogon / real life and can't fully commit to QCing anymore. I'll try to help from time to time, but it's time for you guys to put the OU QC forum on your backs now and pick up the slack!

Good luck, I'm sure you'll all do great!


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Hey guys.

First of all, I'm flattered that this thread was made just for us! I thought this was an insider thing all along, but it's all good in the end.

So for anybody who's viewing the thread, let me just say that I will do my best to get quality analyses on-site and try cleaning up the OU forum a little. Just so it doesn't look like we're abusing our powers, Pocket and I will go over the analyses slowly, so don't expect a mass amount of QCs by then.


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yea, with the new responsibilities, I'll be extra careful what I suggest / what I approve. Thanks for the noms and congrats, we won't disappoint!

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