Multi-gen Coronavirus Premier League V - Semifinals


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Thanks to tiki for the banner!

All normal tournament rules apply. Replays are required, and play on Smogtours.

:snorlax: TOUR ROOMS GOONS :snorlax: vs :ponyta galar: real gays :ponyta galar:

Bo5 Classic - Abyssal Ruins vs BKC
Bo3 Tours - frisoeva Astoria vs Finchinator
SS Ubers - Catalystic vs steelskitty
SS OU - Hamhamhamhamham vs Sacri'
SS UU - xavgb vs Lilburr
SS RU - Roseybear vs Averardo
SS NU - Jrdn vs ima Bouff
SS PU - Xiri vs termi
SS LC - EternalSnowman vs kjdaas
SS Monotype - PrinceOfAllTacos vs Yami
SM OU - MJ vs Lopunny Kicks
ORAS OU - Andyboy vs PDC

:terrakion: the asiancy :terrakion: vs :Zeraora: THE REAL ATL :Zeraora:

Bo5 Classic - ziloXX vs Dread Arceus
Bo3 Tours - devin vs Storm Zone
SS Ubers - 64 Squares vs Jhonx~
SS OU - StepC Maxance vs 100percentpureheat
SS UU - TMM vs rinnegan
SS RU - Alpha Rabbit vs fakenagol
SS NU - ACR1 vs Jytcampbell
SS PU - TSR vs Forsendi
SS LC - trace vs Sabella
SS Monotype - Havens vs Fish1899
SM OU - CKW vs Samqian
ORAS OU - jonfilch vs John W

Deadline is Tuesday, November 24rd at 23:59 GMT -5. Schedule publicly and competently to avoid risking activity losses.
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EternalSnowman asking for a substitute for Frisoeva or for Frisoeva to come on in the next 15 minutes.

This is NOT an activity win request and I want to play my Bo3 as it is a close series and activity wins with 1 day deadlines are silly, but I have grounds to request an immediate opponent because:
  • I contacted Frisoeva on Smogon and Discord early in the afternoon (1pm via Discord PM and 2pm via Smogon VM in case he was not checking Discord)
  • I informed him that I would prefer to play during the afternoon and gave a 3+ hour range
  • He asked if I could play later (at 3:19pm he asked if I could play in 3-4 hours) and I said that range worked
  • I messaged him 20 minutes prior to the range and then again during the range while being online the entire time, but he has not been on
I still want to play, but at this point I have waited for a while and do not want to wait too much longer.

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