Multi-gen Coronavirus Premier League V - Team Signups

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Thanks to tiki for the banner!

Yes, we are back. Although the spirit of this tournament remains a happy one, our return is certainly sad: it means COVID-19 is returning in waves to all corners of the globe. We are now seeing countries reinforcing lock-downs and we are still not taking this pandemic seriously. I urge you to be careful, not only for yourself, but to your family and the friends you love. Practice social distancing, wash your hands, do whatever you can to keep as many people as possible safe and healthy. Please refer to national and international health agencies for further information on staying healthy. Together, we will beat COVID-19!

Now, back to the tournament: welcome to the team signups for the fifth iteration of the Coronavirus Premier League! You all know the drill: most Smogon users are finding themselves with more time than they know what to do with it. The goal of this tournament remains the same: capitalize on the unprecedent amount of free time now available to our community by condensing what would usually be a full week in a regular Premier League into a single day. Thanks to TDK for coming up with this idea!

Furthermore, welcome Boat and Arai as my fellow hosts for this tournament. We obviously need better things to do, though.

:blobstop: IMPORTANT :blobstop: PLEASE READ :blobstop:

Unlike previous editions, this Corona Premier League will not feature an auction or player signups. This time, teams will be able to join the tournament by posting their full roster here in this thread - just like World Cup of Pokemon. You simply may signup on the team of your choosing. Please keep in mind the captain of each team must accept you, but there is no auction or form of team selection. We are, however, requiring two things from players and teams this time: a) the captain and co-captain accounts must be, at very least, 1 year old; b) every member of the team must have an account, at very least, 2 months old. Captains must tag themselves and all their players, and their signup will only be valid after we confirm it. I'd also like to request captains that they confirm their lineup with their players: if one of your players tell us they have not been notified and you're suddenly below player's threshold, you will be in trouble.

More information can be found below:
  • Every team will need one Manager, with an optional Assistant Manager. They will be allowed to play, and thus, will count for the limit of players per team if they decide to play.
  • Signups are first-come; first-serve basis. If we end up with more teams than humanly possible to work with, we will remove teams from the tournament;
  • Every team needs to field at least 16 players and cap at 24 players;
  • The starting roster will feature 12 players. Furthermore, every team must post a starting lineup when signing up;
  • Teams will be placed into pools alongside opposing teams - the size is not fixed yet and depends on the overall size of the tournament;
  • Tour- and Forum-banned users can't play in this tournament.
The tiers for this tournament are:

Best of 5 (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW2 OU) - 
Best of 3 (SS, SM, and ORAS OU) - 
SS Ubers - 
SS OU - 
SS UU - 
SS RU - 
SS NU - 
SS PU - 
SS LC - 
SS Monotype - 
SM OU - 
When posting your team lineup, you need to post a team name and a mascot Pokémon. Team banners are only for your lineup's aesthetics, and won't be used in this tournament.

DEADLINE FOR SIGNUPS: November 19th 8:00 PM EST at the latest. This can be shortened, as previously mentioned, if we get too many signups with no prospects of getting to the next threshold.

You can join Smogtours discord and jump into the #cpl channel and post your doubts or talk about the tournament, we'd be glad to have you! Therefore, keep this thread only for team signups.

And yes, I will come after you if you ghost. Come on, this is supposed to be fun - don't spoil it.
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Absolute Absolposters

Manager - Icemaster Assistant Manager - The Number Man
Best of 5 (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW2 OU) - dogecreamgaming
Best of 3 (SS, SM, and ORAS OU) - Trade
SS Ubers - Icemaster
SS OU - temp
SS UU - saba1111
SS RU - Karl Dude Guy
SS NU - Cheese5555
SS PU - Just A Jew
SS LC - RaJ.Shoot
SS Monotype - kythr
SM OU - Roginald
ORAS OU - Ainzcrad
Bench -, giove97, ShionShadows, Axgwd, Best Gal, Gilgamesh9, Aloopuriza, RICEMAN, Shadowmonstr7, youngsterjoeyv69, The Number Man, K3ppr
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(will edit name in tmrw)

Managers: talah, Crux

Best of 5 (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW2 OU) - BKC
Best of 3 (SS, SM, and ORAS OU) - Finchinator
SS Ubers - steelskitty
SS OU - Sacri'
SS UU - Lilburr
SS RU - Averardo
SS NU - Bouff
SS PU - termi
SS LC - ima
SS Monotype - Yami
SM OU - Lopunny Kicks

Subs: talah, dice, Crux, Myzozoa, Posho, kjdaas, Nails, Chloe, umbry, SPACE FORCE meeps, qsns, Jisoo

cheerleaders: SPACE FORCE meeps, Eo Ut Mortus, Exeggutor, anime sans, , shade, the pugilist, Bushtush, ABR, Dece1t, MikeDawg, politics understander, Kris
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thx yugon.exe for this


Managers - Kaitlyn, SputnikGT
Best of 5 (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW2 OU) - Chazm
Best of 3 (SS, SM, and ORAS OU) - yugon.exe
SS Ubers - Kaitlyn
SS OU - Jordy
SS UU - Saladae
SS RU - Sevelon
SS NU - SputnikGT
SS PU - ADF Test
SS LC - zizalith
SS Monotype - Noctrine
SM OU - Sagisolar
ORAS OU - Gomi

subs - Bread Sandwich, Unicorns, NuttyRabbit, WSun1, Ron...5, N_Mareanie, Optifyツ, pkcc, Clawed Winter

cheerleader - Cenane

all managers have told me they agreed to manage
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Captains - Splash Mannat
Best of 5 (RBY, GSC, ADV, DPP, and BW2 OU) - Aliss
Best of 3 (SS, SM, and ORAS OU) - Chaitanya
SS Ubers - Skysolo
SS OU - zugubu royale
SS UU - Shiba
SS RU - Expulso
SS NU - Confide
SS LC - tazz
SS Monotype - Conflux
SM OU - Mannat
ORAS OU - Splash

subs: dahli CBU Specs Vulpix03 KingKdot Wanka Lasen GotCookies Waves Maskun Vodoom Internal Dieu Amphibien

Among Us & Anime Streaming allies: snaga Seo. Ssalbap rozes iLlama Hys ez FU SHUN HA Bushtush jonfilch IPF Cell Fylkir Pudin Hammy adjustments HayburnerJytcampbell avarice nui Leo spatulakun Fakee

RIP: Ewin

Mannat Vent
Aye Wheres Teegay bro
Leo's Last Words
Splash got Merked
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