Cosmopolitan Fall 2018 Contest - Tell us a story...

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Cosmopolitan Fall 2018 - Tell us a story...


Art by LifeisDANK (•⌔• )
Fall is upon us! The golden time of the year, the season is shifting, trees changing color, leaves are all over the ground. The spookiest time of the year calls for some interesting stories from all over the world. So the Cosmopolitan room is inviting you to tell us a story. We want to hear what you’ve got to say. Obviously you have to set the scene, so paired with the story, we’re also asking you to submit a picture that captures the spirit of Fall to you. Let the picture guide your story. Tell us how you ended up taking the picture, tell us a made up story based on the picture, tell us a scary Halloween story, tell us whatever you want, get creative with it!

1. Contestants will submit a picture of a landscape, dish, or whatever it may be that represents fall to them!
2. Contestants must upload their photo on Imgur or
3. Contestants must submit their photo and accompanying story on this Google Form.
4. You have until November 1st to submit.
5. Voting opens up on November 2nd.
6. Results Posted on November 9th.

Rules & Restrictions:
1. You must own a registered Pokémon Showdown account in order to take part to the contest.
2. You’re only allowed one submission.
3. Participants must have or must be willing to make an Amazon account in order to claim the gift card prizes.
4. Submitted photos must be relevant. (Irrelevant, troll, and NSFW submissions will not be shown on the voting sheet, and the perpetrator will be punished accordingly).
5. You must not edit the picture to add details that weren’t present in the first place. Slightly modifying the contrast or the brightness to strengthen an emotion is okay, but keep in mind that it is a photography contest, not an art contest.
6. There is no limit to how much you have to write, short stories are generally what we are looking for, but tell us your story how you want to.
7. The photo MUST have been taken by you. Using someone else's or using one you found on the Internet will instantly disqualify you.
8. During the voting phase, you’ll only be allowed to vote once. Voting twice will remove your votes and your submission (should you have one).
9. Participants that have been caught cheating in the past, will not be allowed to enter this contest.

1. First place will receive a $20 Amazon gift card, and will get a shoutout in our roomintro and website.
2. Second place will recieve a $10 Amazon gift card, and will get a shoutout in our roomintro and website.
3. Third place will get acknowledged in the roomintro and website.
4. All participants' submissions will be displayed on our website so that everyone is able to see & read them!

Along with myself, the Cosmopolitan staff managing this contest are the brilliant A Phantom, warrdd and deetah! Feel free to approach any of us if there are any questions, issues, concerns or anything else regarding this contest. We are so excited to receive your submissions, and can't wait to hear them!
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Update: We are extending the submissions period and you now have 1 more week to submit, so be sure to take a few minutes of your day to participate and get a chance of winning the amazing rewards & shining in the room n.n
The new deadline for submissions is November 8, 2018 4:59 AM (GMT)
Good luck!
Alola! can someone give me the link to this?
4. All participants' submissions will be displayed on our website so that everyone is able to see & read them!


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Looks like somebody forgot to post in here so I'll just announce the results:
#1 - Aeonic
#2 - WritingWolf
#3 - Amaluna

Congratulations to these fellas for winning the contest! The full results with the submissions can be viewed here. Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest, I will publish the results on our website & post the link in here within a week.

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