Cosmopolitan Photography Contest - New Year 2018


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Cosmopolitan Photography Contest - New Year 2018

Art by LifeisDANK

Hey and welcome to a new Photography Contest hosted by the Cosmopolitan room on Pokémon Showdown !

To celebrate the new year, rather than hosting a Christmas-themed or winter-themed contest to which some users would not have been able to participate, we decided to host a new-year-themed contest... and Delibird has brought some leftovers which we will give as rewards to the winners!

I - Rules
  1. Contestants will submit a picture of a landscape of their choice. We would love to discover what everyone's new year environment looks like!
  2. Contestants will upload their photo on imgur. No worries, the default imgur setting is “private”, so nobody will be able to find your pic on imgur unless you state otherwise.
  3. Finally, contestants must submit their photo on our google form.
  4. You have until January 21st, 2018 to make a submission. Afterwards, there will be a link in the roomintro to a voting sheet in which everyone will be able to vote for their favorite picture. The winner shall be announced on January 28th, 2018 at 10PM, GMT.

II - Restrictions
  1. You must own a registered Pokémon Showdown account in order to take part to the contest.
  2. You’re only allowed one submission, so if you would like to replace your existing submission with a new one, please ask one of our contest hosts.
  3. Submitted photos must be relevant (i.e we should clearly be able to say the picture qualifies as a landscape). Irrelevant, troll, and NSFW submissions will not be shown on the voting sheet, and the user that submitted them might be punished!
  4. You must not edit the picture to add details that weren’t present in the first place. Slightly modifying the contrast or the brightness to strengthen an emotion is okay, but keep in mind that it is a photography contest, not a drawing contest.
  5. The photo MUST have been taken by you. Stealing someone else’s picture or using one you found on the Internet will instantly disqualify you.
  6. During the voting phase, you’ll only be allowed to vote once. Whoever votes twice will see their votes removed.
III - Rewards
  1. Every picture will be displayed on our website, so that everyone is able to see the results.
  2. The top 3 contestants will receive a shoutout on the room intro. Whoever places first can chose between a $25 Apple gift card and a $25 Amazon gift card, and whoever places second gets the remaining gift card.
  3. The winner will even be able to get a custom avatar for their Pokémon Showdown account!

If you would like to know what our most recent photography contests did look like, make sure to check the results for our Summer 2017 & Halloween 2017 contests!

In case of doubts or if you have any remaining question, do not hesitate to ask in this thread or to contact one of the contest hosts (LifeisDANK & Lionyx) or any member of Cosmopolitan's staff. Detailed rules sheet available here.
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The contest is now over!

Congratulations to Arrested (1st), wiezerd (2nd) and Googly (3rd) for having won the contest! The full results are available HERE, a page will soon be made on Cosmopolitan's website with all pictures available.

Thanks a bunch to LifeisDANK for being such a wonderful co-host, to AlphaWittem, Darthikyu, HolyShinyArceus~ (TrueEffect), LifeisDANK, Lionyx and Nui for having contributed the prizes !

Stay tuned and join the Cosmopolitan room on Pokémon Showdown to be aware of our upcoming events!

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