Do you have a character in Pokemon who you would dearly love to cosplay for some reason?

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Who else is a closeted cosplayer? I want so badly to cosplay May because she is my favorite girl from Pokemon and she has so much in common with me.
By the way it's almost Halloween! Perfect timing for a cute cosplay! But I'd cosplay May every day because maybe by coincidence, she is a lot like me just without some major things about me. (excessive legendary Pokemon usage, battle skills, super liking for mudkip, having actual generation IV experience, etc)
Just like May, I love sweets like cake and chocolate, I love Pokemon contests, and I am super athletic, I love shopping too much, and I'm really kind.
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I've never done cosplay, though the thought has crossed my mind on more than a few occasions. The biggest issue is really the cost.

Lets say, hypothetically, I wanted to cosplay as Tanjiro from Demon Slayer. Buying a costume, a sword, and a wig would cost around $130, which is.... actually a lot cheaper than I thought it would be. Granted this is from AliExpress, which sells products more cheaply than other vendors, but I was expecting to pay $200+.

For me another issue is finding an opportunity to actually wear the costume. Outside of Halloween and events like Anime Expo, there really aren't really many occasions I'd wear it. Maybe if I moved to Akihabara (would make buying cosplay costumes easier too), but eh.
For Halloween last year, I dressed up as Kai Chisaki from My Hero Academia after I played through My Hero One’s Justice 2. The whole costume cost around $200 or so. When I said how much the whole costume cost, some people were not dumbfounded like I thought and just said “A good cosplay is expensive.”


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My parents are stopping me. They don't like that I think I am a girl because they wanted me to be a boy.
this is really tough; i'm sorry to hear it

as a big progressive and certified ally, i do have some advice for you, however

i would recommend dressing however you like, and then when your dad is like "you are a boy you should dress like a boy" you look him up and down and say "well how come youre dressed like a boy then you fucking PUSSY" lol this will show him


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I found the perfect toy Pokemon to go with my May cosplay!!! It's a cute little Eevee toy! I found this on Amazon and I was so enchanted by it I started crying! It's so cute I want one! I need it to go with my cosplay! It would be a good contest thing right? SO CUTE!!!
Some Pokemon Cosplays I wanna do are Garchomp, Altaria and Electivire while my gf being the signature trainer of either. I'm thinking of doing a gijinka design for the pokemon instead of a more furry/anthro approach though. Probably plan to get them ready for an upcoming con next year cause I definitely need some time.

Note: Idk if this thread was mainly for halloween but I was drawn to the mention of cosplay lool.

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