Anyone else surprised about the lack of cosplayers at the VGCs?

At last year's British championships, I saw a Chilli and Cress cosplayer and that was about it really. Not even a Rocket grunt.

Also, still deciding if I should wear my (in-progress) Champion Alder/Adeku cosplay to the VGC '12 or if I should wear my basic male trainer cosplay.
I vaguely remember seeing a guy walking around Washington DC in 2011 with a Subway Boss Emmet costume, and in the line at Dallas I saw a guy dressed as Chilan (the 5th Gen Brock of the anime and 1st Gym Leader) and made conversation.
One other thing I've seen that I forgot to mention is that there were a lot of 14/15 year old girls at the event dressed as the female trainer in Black and White...

Lets just say it turned some heads.
While I have been considering for some time becoming a magical girl, as Kinneas will happily tell you, it's not happening this year.
Maybe if you bring that Kyuubey we could get a deal worked out, but I wouldn't get too excited.

Instead, I'm coming dressed as a sexy beast.

Also lol I actually did see a rocket grunt at UK nats last year.


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There's always a couple knocking about, nothing too special. I seem to recall a guy with a Latios costume on one year? Or am I imagining that from the UK.

I can bet there will be the standard girl as Misty as well, played a rather attractive one in France last year.


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you know, ever since giving sakura con a try, cosplay has been slowly[very slowly] drawing me in.for example; chances of me attending sakura con again this year? very high
i most likely wont cosplay and just end up having a blast without cosplay on like i did last year. i wouldnt mind having my first cosplay experience be at a vgc event though, the question is "what/whom would i cosplay though?" Brock is not someone i want to cosplay this makes things hard as far as black characters go

also speaking of last years Sakura con, here are some pictures i took of pokemon cosplay, which by the way was pretty huge. i guess pokemon is just everywhere


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ha, this guy was pretty funny, hope to see him again if i go this year

hmm, now we are just crossing into Naruto. lets try that again, back to pokemon

hahaha, ok, alright alright, back to pokemon for real this time

there's more but i dont want to.......overpost?

anyways yeah, like i said, i really wouldn't mind cosplaying at nationals or worlds but what would i cosplay? hmmm


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I remember in Dallas last year there was someone cosplaying as Cilan. He messed up his hair color, but I believe he used a Crustle when I battled him. He also commented on this video if you want to track him down!


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I do remember a trainer dressed as Red roaming around the VGC 2011 Atlanta qualifier. He was awesomely dressed indeed!
I remember when VGC's first started there was quite a bit of people who would dress in cosplay. I think over time the people realized it is a tournament scene and not a convention. You will see them at Nats and Worlds, but on the local level, cosplayers are pretty uncommon.


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At UK VGC in 2010 there was a guy dressed as a Zangoose. but he was rather strange. In 2011 in Birmingham I saw a guy dressed as a Bug Catcher. He just had a straw hat and a fishing net with him though. I've seen cosplayers are other Pokémon events but I can't recall many others at the UK VGC's that haven't been said already.

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