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I have a question,is it worth comming back to the game with all the New updates after a 3 months break from the game?


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I have a question,is it worth comming back to the game with all the New updates after a 3 months break from the game?
I just came back after 7 months and it's a whole new game to me. I really enjoy most most of the new stuff except the new running sound.


Banned deucer.
Just wanted to ask, what sensitivity do u guys play on? My mentor said 2.4 on 800 DPI is crazy. I'm thinking of changing it to 0.8, however the problem I see is that I'm not ver used to arm movements and it might be a bit hard to adjust
It all comes down to inches/centimetres per 360. The most common pro setting is 50 cm/360.

I posted a useful pastebin a few posts up, take a look at that if you want to optimize your space for lowest practical 360 coverage, and for a cool sensitivity calculator.
best major since forever

adren looking like jw out there, f3 playing some insane games (and choking hard...), fnatic losing, envyus implosion (rip devil), and the strong possibility that the top 8 won't be the same recycled teams that always make it

it's been a great major so far especially considering how boring things have been in the CS world lately!


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Liquid is going to be a top 5 team by the end of the year, they should take this as a chance to learn they made the semis of a major that they weren't even predicted to make out of groups.

LG vs Na'Vi is the best matchup in cs rn they play tactical cs and had amazing series last two times they played
Too bad inferno was one of my most favorite maps to play/watch. I guess it makes sense since I do feel they can open up the map a little more, especially around the B area, but I would've preferred Dust2 since it's way more of a boring map.

A lot of people don't like the new nuke although it's hard to say without watching it or playing it. Time will tell I suppose although it does blow that I don't think I'll ever be able to play the map considering I get 60 fps on the map (i get 140+ all others feelsbadman)

C9 got a new 5th, Slemmy. I'm not going to pass any judgement but it's definitely a weaker pick-up imo. We'll see how he fits in with the team and if he can actually frag enough to not hold C9 back.
if u told me that this team liquid lineup was going to beat fnatic in the semis and make the finals i would've laughed at you

crazy stuff, this major has been rlly good with the exception of astralis having to use subs = (
This is probably the biggest roster change in CS:GO history. The French shuffles are up there (especially the Happy/shox/smithzz/nbk/kio shuffle) but other than that this has to be it purely because of how long the core fnatic members were together + how successful they were. As a big fnatic fan since maybe 2012? I never really thought this would ever happen lol. I suppose it's not too surprising especially given how disappointing their results must have been for the team itself (winning 4 pistol rounds in the semis vs. Liquid at the major but still dropping two maps is unacceptable for a team of fnatic's caliber).

On paper though, this move is definitely a downgrade for both sides I feel, discounting personal issues/whatever that has made it impossible for them to work together. New fnatic is going to be relying on olof and dennis even more so. Skill-wise, I don't think wenton is a tier 1 player, and Lekr0 isn't either although I do think he has the potential to become one. twist is really talented but he hasn't been playing against top-level opponents for a while. It'll be interesting to see him be able to play against the best teams more frequently now that he's on fnatic so I'm looking forward to that!

Krimz moving to GODSENT is probably the most surprising especially as everyone always dubbed him as olof's duo. A lot of ppl don't remember that this GODSENT lineup was the exact same fnatic lineup back in early 2013 where they were not so good except with -krimz +devilwalk. krimz is a lot better than devilwalk so obviously this team will be better than that one, but I wouldn't be surprised if they struggled at first (and I don't see them challenging for the top honors). That said I think they'll have an advantage over olof's team in that all of these guys are established players who know what they're doing. I'm just not convinced their ceiling is as high as the previous fnatic lineup though.

On a side note, I'm sorta surprised fnatic stuck with olof's team. I guess he's the face of the team, but I always felt that the core fnatic team was the original members of JW and flusha. If someone told me fnatic would break apart before NiP, well, I would've found that hard to believe. It's the end of an era but I'm excited to see how this is going to shake things up in the scene!


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Who here still play/watch??? I make it a point to watch as many matches as I can now; big fan of C9
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Is someone watching dreamhack masters winter 2020? Who do you think will win?
I think mousesports are gonna win. They've already beaten GODSENT this tournament, and i think that they'll beat either Astralis or Furia in the finals. ropz and friends have just been fragging out of control this tournament

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