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  • Absurdly bulky Pokemon with a powerful slow setup option in its Terrain Seed + Calm Mind set that can sweep unprepared teams
  • Also has access to many utility options to aid teammates, allowing for some flexibility
  • Somewhat poor offensive movepool and very mediocre offenses
    • CM sets useless against fairly common threats that wall it like Mega Metagross and Incineroar; generally unimpressive for damage output until it boosts many times
    • non-CM sets are a momentum suck
name: Calm Mind
move 1: Psyshock
move 2: Icy Wind
move 3: Calm Mind
move 4: Moonlight
item: Electric Seed / Grassy Seed
ability: Levitate
nature: Bold
evs: 252 HP / 16 Def / 68 SpA / 52 SpD / 120 Spe

  • Psyshock for reliable STAB damage, chosen over Psychic for hitting Chansey and CM Tapu Fini
  • Icy Wind for speed control and decent damage on Ice-weak targets, especially when boosted. Also makes it easier to stay healthy since Cress can get in Moonlights before slowed foes get an attack in
  • Calm Mind makes it harder to break and more threatening offensively
  • Moonlight is Cress's best reliable recovery option, also heals more in sun than other recovery moves
Set Details
  • Seed to provide Cress a way to boost its Defense alongside its boosted Special Defense thanks to Calm Mind
  • Outspeeds Torn and anything slower
  • 2HKOes uninvested Mega Salamence with +1 Icy Wind
  • Takes 252+ Tapu Bulu's Wood Hammer in Grassy Terrain, even if it scores a critical hit (open to other suggestions on this, mostly just looked for things that a jump point did)
  • Dump in SpD
Usage Tips
  • Don't set up until checks are taken care of or sufficiently weakened so that Cress's teammate can handle them before they stop Cress
  • Don't send in Cress with the Terrain active until you're preparing to set up, you only get one chance at it with the Seed boost
    • Pay attention to the opponent being able to activate the Seed as well
  • Icy Wind is useful to teammates throughout the game, even before it tries to set up or, if it is somehow forced out, after its attempted setup
  • Keep Cresselia healthy enough that it can withstand double targeting from the foes; this set often draws the opponent's focus
Team Options
  • Zard Y
    • other Steel-type checks too (Volcanion, Heatran), though Zard is notable for boosting Moonlight
  • corresponding Terrain setter for the Seed (Tapu Koko, Tapu Bulu)
    • Tapu Koko also has Taunt to prevent opposing Whirlwind / Taunt / Toxic
  • Incineroar/Tyranitar checks (Lando-T, Scrafty)
  • middling speed breakers (Kyurem-B, Kartana esp Fight Z)
  • Amoonguss / Fake Out to ease setup, though Cress isn't as reliant on support for easing setup as other, frailer setup users
  • Avoid adding too many passive teammates, since Cress won't be doing much damage while it's setting up slowly
name: Trick Room Utility
move 1: Ice Beam
move 2: Trick Room
move 3: Psychic / Ally Switch
move 4: Helping Hand / Ally Switch
item: Wiki Berry
ability: Levitate
nature: Sassy
evs: 252 HP / 164 Def / 28 SpA / 64 SpD

  • Ice Beam hits the common Landorus-T/Zygarde/Mega Salamence for decent damage despite Cress's poor offenses
  • Trick Room for speed control, primarily for teammates since Cress doesn't particularly care much about when it moves
  • Psychic covers Ice- and Water-types like Kyurem-B, Volcanion, and Milotic neutrally, though it doesn't hit many common targets super effectively aside from those that are already weak to Ice Beam
  • Helping Hand to take a different approach to Cresselia helping the team's offense - instead of trying to rely on its own power, it makes teammates more threatening
  • Ally Switch is usable over Psychic or Helping Hand. Can switch into a frail teammate's slot to take hits for it and does this fairly well with great bulk, an immunity to Ground, and a resistance to Psychic and Fighting
Set Details
  • Takes standard Tapu Bulu's Bloom Doom, even after Stealth Rock
  • Takes Kingdra's Muddy Water + Z-Hydro Pump in Rain
    • Not the biggest fan of either of these benchmarks, willing to hear any and all suggestions
  • Wiki for healing, Cress rarely gets KOed from above its activation range so it's easy to proc
  • -Spe nature for Trick Room, could minimize Spe IVs for fullroom but this set works best on semiroom builds
  • If running Icy Wind instead of Trick Room, run Calm instead (can also shift 24 SpA EVs to Spe to then outrun -1 Kyurem-B)
Usage Tips
  • Cresselia should only attack in a few limited situations - when it can hit something super effectively or when a teammate needs a threat chipped or a weakened foe taken out
  • For the most part, sticking to using Cresselia's chosen form of speed control then making its teammate more threatening with Helping Hand or shifting itself into the line of fire with Ally Switch is more useful
  • Cresselia's bulk means it can set Trick Room multiple times during the match, and Trick Room teams generally need more offensive team members on the field to take advantage of the limited turns Trick Room is up, so try to switch it out once its job is done
  • Ally Switch is better used to protect Cresselia's teammate rather than to benefit Cress itself, since Cresselia can't do anything with the "safety" for that turn
Team Options
  • Tyranitar / Mega Tyranitar - takes on Incineroar, appreciates speed control
    • especially Low Kick Tyranitar for opposing Tyranitar or Flamethrower Mega Tyranitar for Genesect
  • Fire-types appreciate Cresselia's solid matchup against Lando-T/Zygarde/Mega Salamence and take on Steel-types like Metagross
    • Volcanion particularly notable for appreciating speed control and taking on Incineroar
  • other slow Pokemon that like TR (Tapu Bulu)
  • Make sure the rest of the team can turn up the damage output, since Cress can't do much damage on its own
Other Options
  • Kee Berry on CM
  • Toxic
  • Icy Wind support set (largely outclassed)
  • Sunny Day
Checks and Counters

**Dark-types**: Incineroar, Tyranitar, Hoopa-U

**Steel-types**: Genesect, Aegislash

**Taunt**: Gothitelle, Tapu Koko

**Toxic**: Chansey, Porygon2

**Phazers**: Zapdos, Suicune

- Written by: [[talkingtree, 232101]]
- Quality checked by: [[Level 51, 118474], [name, ID]]
- Grammar checked by: [[name, ID], [name, ID]]
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  • "access to plenty of utility options to aid teammates" - completely unrelated to QC, but actually it's "plenty of" for uncountables and "many" for countables. finally i get to one-up talkingtree in something grammar related
  • Moves - maybe mention that Icy Wind helps Cresselia stay alive through the setup too since it can more reliably get in Moonlights before taking hits for the turn?
  • Team Options - probably mention somewhere that high-offense teammates in general help pick up the slack on the offensive front that Cresselia inevitably generates while sitting there being calm
  • Moves - honestly I think Cresselia without TR and without CM is completely worthless as a "support mon". I think the general non-TR support set can be put in OO, with the moves you mention there as options over the TR slot
  • Team Options - the same comment from earlier about high-offense teammates from earlier probably holds true here as well
  • OO - I'd omit both Lunar Dance and Skill Swap, especially the latter, which was really only passable when Heatran or other stuff that really needed to float was around
  • C&C - Goth before Koko on Taunt, since trapping is really devastating for a Taunted Cresselia

I don't think I've ever used support Cresselia outside of my Mega Steelix team so I'm a little hesitant on that set's Usage Tips but it sounds reasonable to me. QC 1/2

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