Pet Mod Crossover Chaos Expanded - Part II

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Pokémon: Barney the Dinosaur
Franchise: Barney & Friends
Ability: Magic Guard | Unaware | [HA] Magic Jars
Signature Ability: Magic Jars (On switch-in, this Pokemon summons Rain Dance, Sunny Day, Sandstorm or Hail according to the held Rock item (Damp Rock for Rain, Heat Rock for Sunny Day, Icy Rock for Hail and Smooth Rock for Sandstorm. This ability also renders the user immune to powder moves and damage from Sandstorm or Hail. If the user holds no item, an item that isn't any of the before-mentioned ones or can't replace the current weather (Desolate Land (Harsh Sunlight) and Primordial Sea (Heavy Rain) for example), Barney triggers a Cloud Nine effect on the switch, removing the weather's effects).
If Deerling or Sawsbuck are around on Barney's switch and he's able to trigger a weather, Deerling/Sawsbuck will change form according to Barney's called weather:
Spring: Rain
Summer: Sunny Day
Autumn: Sandstorm
Winter: Hail
Moves: Celebrate, Soft-Boiled, Wish, Weather Ball, Heat Wave, Earth Power, Light of Ruin, Moonblast, Substitute, Minimize, Teeter Dance, Psychic, Whirlwind, Teleport, Sappy Seed, Sparkly Swirl, Defog, Bulldoze, Stomping Tantrum, Earthquake, Draco Meteor
Stats: 90 / 75 / 65 / 120 / 142 / 80 (572 BST)
Reasoning: Barney is a Dragon/Fairy type out of being a dinosaur that abuses sparkles, which are often related to Fairy types.
Magic Jars comes from Barney's episode 1-2-3-4 Seasons, in which Barney manipulates the weather to play with the kids, Celebrate comes from Barney often doing parties and all, Soft-Boiled, Wish, Telekinesis, Psychic, Whirlwind, Defog, Light of Ruin and Sparkly Swirl come from Barney being able to abuse sparkles/light for this sort of purposes to a degree, he can also blow well, plus some stretching here and there to be able to have on the meta something to replace Clefable, while also holding extra things to fit in a team, all Ground type moves come from Barney being able to do earthquakes by jumping, Teleport comes from Barney being able to... teleport (He does this quite often), Sappy Seed comes from Barney being able to make a tree grow in seconds, while also granting him a more potent variant of Leech Seed, Teeter Dance comes form Barney being able to make others dance alongside him, Draco Meteor comes from basic Dragon type STAB, plus all Dragon types get it regardless, Substitute comes from the "Doll" form he can access, which he does in every episode, Minimize comes from Barney being able to change the size of things (Evansion clause bans this anyways) and Weather Ball comes from Barney's weather powers.

Overall, Barney has plenty of potential in many sorts of teams, leaving weather teams at a side, Barney's defensive typing and stat spread allows him to be able to tank multiple hits, heal status off later with Sparkly Swirl as needed and stall out with Sappy Seed and Soft-Boiled, run an offensive Magic Guard Life Orb set with Light of Ruin, sets abusing Z-Celebrate or be able to quickly phaze opposing Pokémon that got out of hand with setup thanks to Unaware by using Whirlwind, also including hazard cleaning via Defog.

Lastly, for the abilities:

Magic Guard comes from Barney being able to use magic, and to allow him to be able to use Light of Ruin without recoil damage.
Unaware comes from Barney easily ignoring things and moving on.
Lastly, Magic Jars comes from the before-mentioned episode, 1-2-3-4 Seasons, where Barney can change the seasons, and with them the weather.
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Slate #4
Green Greens

Congratulations to KeeganSkymin4444, myself, and Ticktock for winning with Dr. Doofenshmirtz, Kenshiro, and Sailor Moon! Me and Ticktock gained the Christmas Comeback Crisis title.

This is a slate about green characters. They don't necessarily have to have green skin, but they have to be noticeably green or notably associated with green. Oh yeah I guess environmentalists count too because that's metaphorically green.

Indicate your character gets the slate bonus by marking their name with asterisks like this: **Hal Jordan**

The slate ends on February 3rd. Have fun!​

Pokémon: Lucky the Leprechaun
Franchise: Lucky Charms

Ability: Super Luck | Sweet Veil
Moves: Rainbow Marshmallow, Clover Hat Marshmallow, Giga Drain, Leaf Storm, Grass Knot, Dazzling Gleam, Moonblast, Night Shade, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Future Sight, Ancient Power, Wish, Recover, Leech Seed, Moonlight, Agility, Cosmic Power, Aromatherapy, Perish Song, Sandstorm, Purify, Gravity, Grassy Terrain
Stats: 115 HP/30 Atk/76 Def/100 SpA/76 SpD/108 Spe (505 BST)

Rainbow Marshmallow |
| 16 PP | Switches out. The Pokémon that switches in is unaffected by entry hazards.
Clover Hat Marshmallow |
| 16 PP | Randomly raises or lowers the user's accuracy, Special Attack, Special Defense, or Speed by 1.
Lucky the Leprechaun @ Red Card
Ability: Sweet Veil
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
Hasty Nature
- Leech Seed / Cosmic Power
- Perish Song
- Recover
- Night Shade

Lucky the Leprechaun @ Leftovers
Ability: Super Luck
EVs: 252 HP / 56 SpD / 200 Spe
Calm Nature
- Cosmic Power
- Leech Seed
- Aromatherapy / Wish
- Moonblast
Reasoning: He is a leprechaun who is associated with clovers. He has been running from kids for years, and they haven't been able to take his marshmallows. He uses marshmallows that give him abilities. Rainbow marshmallows create a rainbow for him to travel on, and clover hat marshmallows give either good or bad luck. His other marshmallows are:
  • Moon: Moonblast, Moonlight, Night Shade, Cosmic Power, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse
  • Shooting Star: Wish, Cosmic Power
  • Horseshoe: Agility
  • Unicorn: Recover, Aromatherapy, Purify
  • Hourglass: Sandstorm, Perish Song, Future Sight, Ancient Power

Pokémon: Yusuke Urameshi
Franchise: Yu Yu Hakusho

Ability: Mega Launcher | Guts
Moves: Spirit Gun, Demon Gun, Mach Punch, Vacuum Wave, Close Combat, Aura Sphere, Focus Blast, Power-Up Punch, Jump Kick, Circle Throw, Storm Throw, Fire Punch, Bullet Punch, Flash Cannon, Sucker Punch, Energy Ball, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Signal Beam, Quick Attack, Focus Energy, Lock-On, Bulk Up, Nasty Plot
Stats: 90 HP/107 Atk/80 Def/127 SpA/69 SpD/127 Spe (600 BST)

Spirit Gun |
| 120 BP | 8 PP | 100% | Can hit Ghost-types. Is pulse-based.
Demon Gun |
| 120 BP | 16 PP | 100% | Is pulse-based.

Yusuke Urameshi @ Flame Orb
Ability: Guts
EVs: 4 HP / 252 Atk / 252 Spe
Jolly Nature
- Close Combat
- Fire Punch
- Sucker Punch
- Bullet Punch

Yusuke Urameshi @ Choice Specs
Ability: Mega Launcher
EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe
Timid Nature
- Spirit Gun
- Demon Gun
- Energy Ball
- Flash Cannon
Reasoning: Yusuke was a Spirit Detective, tasked with solving problems associated with demons. He has the ability to use his spiritual energy to attack. His signature technique is the Spirit Gun, a blast from his finger that can either be fired as a beam, or an orb. After he discovered his demon heritage, he could also use a similar technique called the Demon Gun. He is also known to enjoy physical fighting. This gives him Fighting-type and Guts. He is able to move at high speeds in battle.
Slimy Mama.PNG

Pokémon: Slimy Mama
Franchise: Yo Mama

Ability: Liquid Ooze | Sticky Hold | [HA] Trailing Slime (When switching in, sets up Trailing Slime for five turns. When one of the user's grounded allies switches in, they have Poison added to their typing.)
Moves: Slime Drop, Clear Smog, Sludge Bomb, Sludge Wave, Poison Jab, Drain Punch, Surf, Liquidation, Waterfall, Dive, Aqua Jet, Sticky Web, Gastro Acid, Toxic Thread, Toxic, Aqua Ring, Soak
Stats: 123 HP/75 Atk/75 Def/90 SpA/123 SpD/55 Spe (541 BST)

Slime Drop |
| 32 PP | 100% | The target becomes a pure Poison-type.
Slimy Mama @ Black Sludge
Ability: Trailing Slime
EVs: 252 HP / 4 SpA / 252 SpD
Calm Nature
- Sticky Web
- Gastro Acid
- Clear Smog
- Toxic
Reasoning: Slimy Mama is more or less made of slime itself. When she moves, a bit of slime trails behind her. She is supposedly able to drop slime on others if she wishes. She gets Water moves from being associated with swamp water in one joke.
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I just wanna say that this shitpost of a theme was my idea, so please blame me for all of this. Hopefully no one submits Kakyoin, Jolyne, or Foo Fighters from that stupid manga.

Pokémon: Captain Planet
Type: Grass/Fighting
Ability: With Your Powers Combined
With Your Powers Combined: Any fire, water, flying, ground, or fairy type moves receive a STAB Bonus. You also take double damage from poison attacks.
Moves: Strength, Extreme Speed, Wild Charge, Fire Punch, Ice Punch, Thunder Punch, Mach Punch, Superpower, Drain Punch, Fire Blast, Lava Plume, Flamethrower, Flare Blitz, Hurricane, Air Slash, Tailwind, Earthquake, Earth Power, Blizzard, Ice Beam, Icy Wind, Surf, Waterfall, Muddy Water, Grassy Terrain, Giga Drain, Wood Hammer, Energy Ball, Seed Bomb, Play Rough, Moonblast, Dazzling Gleam, Strange Steam, Heart Stamp.
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100

Reasoning: Alright this one was coming because he's the greenest character around, in terms of saving the environment. Anyway his ability and moves come from the fact that he has control over fire, water, wind, earth, and heart. On top of that he can turn into lightning, breathe inside a vacuum, and has the generic superhuman strength and speed. His typing comes from the fact that he's eco friendly and grass tends to be associated with nature without making the ability ridiculously OP, and fighting because he's a superhero. Also I picked grass because it's weak to poison and well for a hero that fights pollution, he's actually pretty weak to it.

Pokémon: Piccolo
Type: Psychic/Fighting
Ability: Regenerator/Long Reach/Adaptability
Moves: Mach Punch, Close Combat, Superpower, Detect, Bulk Up, Aura Sphere, Recover, Strength, Hyper Beam, Extreme Speed, Growth, Double Team, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Telekinesis, Sucker Punch, Knock Off, Darkest Lariat, False Surrender, Parting Shot, Pursuit, Taunt, Air Slash, Fly, Demon Explosive Wave, Hellzone Grenade, Makankosappo.

Explosive Wave: 120 Power, 100 Accuracy, Fighting Type, 10 PP, Special, The user fires a beam with one arm and uses the other for support. Once fired the user has their defenses lowered by one stage.
Hellzone Grenade: 120 Power, 85 Accuracy, Fighting Type, 10 PP, Special, The user sets up several ki blasts to explode at once.
Makankosappo: 120 Power, 100 Accuracy, Fighting Type, 10 PP, Special, The user charges up energy one turn, and then fires the attack on the next turn. It by passes protect.
Stats: 100/110/90/110/90/95

Reasoning: This one was also coming. His typing makes sense given his telepathy, telekinesis, and of course the fact that he is indeed a dragonball character. His abilities all tie back to his abilities that were shown in the show such as his regenerative properties, his stretchy arms, and his parenting skills. As for his moves he has a lot of fighting and dark moves, which make sense given that he's a) a dragonball character and b) a former enemy of Goku. As for moves that reflect his other abilities, Aura Sphere represents the masenko, hyper beam represents the mouth laser he has, bulk up and growth represent the giant namekian ability, air slash represents destructive wind, and his new moves represent their respective techniques.

Pokémon: Dr.Phil M&M
Ability:Analytic/Soundproof/Candy Shell
Candy Shell:
The pokemon takes 3/4th damage from physical moves, but biting moves deal double damage on it.
Moves: Scary Face, Hyper Voice, Dazzling Gleam, Strange Steam, Psyshock, Psychic, Confusion, Parting Shot, Memento, Taunt, Eerie Impulse, Dream Eater, Curse, Shadow Ball, Hex, Will-O-Wisp, Glare, Hypnosis, Shut The Fuck Up, Cocoa Cannon
Shut The Fuck Up:
It's just a special throat chop
Cocoa Cannon: It's fairy type hydro pump
Stats: 105/65/120/115/120/50

Reasoning: Well he's here. The first two abilities come from the Dr.Phil part with him being a psychologist and of course his famous line. Candy Shell comes from him being an m&m. A majority of the moves come from his overall uncanny appearance. You will never forget his face, it is burned into you forever. He will haunt your dreams. The major exceptions of course being his signature moves, his psychic moves, taunt, parting shot, and hyper voice. Hyper voice comes from the bass boosted audio from dr.phil memes and everything else mentioned again goes back to his show.

Pokémon: Green De La Bean
Typing: Grass/Dark
Ability: Defiant/Prankster/Guts
Moves: Sucker Punch, Parting Shot, Pursuit, Knock Off, Foul Play, Taunt, Torment, Obstruct, Bullet Seed, Seed Bomb, Giga Drain, Leech Seed, Synthesis, Seed Flare, Strength Sap, Spore, Detect, Will-O-Wisp, Toxic, Thunder Wave, First Impression, Fake Out, Play Rough, Bean Bop, Bitch U Guessed It
Signature Move: Bean Bop (85 BP | Grass| Physical | 15 PP | 100 Accuracy | 100% chance to lower a random stat of the opponent's by one stage)
Bitch U Guessed it (60 BP | Dark | Physical | 25 PP | 100 Accuracy | Double Damage if the opponent used protect last turn)
Stats: 80/100/60/90/60/120

Reasoning: Bitch you guessed it, he's here. You didn't really think there were boobs here did you? Anyway Green De La Bean is top tier. He gets the grass type for obvious reasons and the dark type for being a devious little shit. In terms of his moves he is designed to be as annoying as possible to truly get the feeling you fell for this fucker. Also he does have moves relating to him being a seed such as leech seed, seed flare, seed bomb, bullet seed, and giga drain.
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Wait, do either of those three fit the theme for this slate? Also, watch as someone submits one or more of those.
Kakyoin wears green, has a stand called heirophant green, and has his trade mark emerald splash.

Jolyne and Foo Fighters have green hair.

Cookie Butter

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Pokémon: Enkidu (Fate/Strange Fake)
Typing: Ground
Ability: Unaware / Mimicry / No Guard
Moves: Shore Up, Nature Power, Natural Gift, Nature's Madness, Earth Power, Mud Shot, Mud Slap, Muddy Water, Thrash, Thousand Arrows, Secret Sword, Slash, Mirror Move, Copycat, Stealth Rock, Roar
Stats: 100/100/100/100/100/100 (600)
G-Max Move: G-Max Enuma Elish (variable BP | Ground | Physical | traps opponents)
Reasoning: Ground and Ground-type moves from being literally made of mud. Also Stealth Rock for the same reason. Thousand Arrows, Secret Sword and Slash from him being able to make weapons out of mud (literally thousands of them).

Nature moves, Thrash and Roar for being originally a wild beast created by nature gods. Unaware for not knowing about humanity, Mirror Move and Copycat for trying to imitate humanity when coming in contact with it. Mimicry because beast that can camouflage and shapeshift. No Guard because of amazing presence detection. Gigantamax form for being able to turn into a giant chain.
Pokémon: Might Guy
Typing: Fighting
Ability: Inner Focus | Steadfast | Eight Gates
Eight Gates: Every turn out on field, Gai changes form. Doesn't revert when switching out, only when battle ends.
4th Gate onwards has Reckless effects.
6th Gate, 7th Gate and 8th Gate Gai have secondary Fire-type and Levitate effects.
Physical: Low Kick, High Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Reversal, Focus Punch, Close Combat, Superpower, Dynamic Punch, Mach Punch, First Impression, Fake Out, Drain Punch, High Horsepower, Brave Bird, Flare Blitz, Wild Charge
Special: Final Gambit, Focus Blast
Status: Focus Energy, Swords Dance
Signature Moves: Morning Peacock (15 BP | Fire | Physical | 15 PP | 100 Accuracy | Hits 6 times. Each hit has a 10% chance to burn.)
Daytime Tiger (85 BP | Fighting | Physical | 15 PP | 100 Accuracy | Deals damage to the target based on its Special Defense instead of Defense.)
Night Guy (250 BP | Fighting | Physical | 15 PP | 100 Accuracy | Can only be used by 8th Gate Gai. User loses 50% max HP. Nullifies Protect and clones.)
Stats: 90/100/80/40/80/100 (490) (Base)
90/105/85/40/85/110 (515) (1st Gate)
115/105/85/40/85/110 (540) (2nd Gate)
115/110/90/40/90/120 (565) (3rd Gate)
115/110/95/40/95/135 (590) (4th Gate)
115/125/95/50/95/135 (615) (5th Gate)
115/140/95/50/95/145 (640) (6th Gate)
115/150/95/60/95/150 (665) (7th Gate)
115/160/95/60/95/165 (690) (8th Gate)

Reasoning: B
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Two things. One, 8th Gate would have 680 BST as opposed to 690, and two, is the secondary Fire type + Levitate effects in addition to the Reckless effect from 4th+ gate?

Cookie Butter

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Two things. One, 8th Gate would have 680 BST as opposed to 690, and two, is the secondary Fire type + Levitate effects in addition to the Reckless effect from 4th+ gate?
It increases by 25 each time, not 15, so it's 690 BST at the end. Also yes.

Edit: My bad. Added the missing 10 BST.
"A smiling... dependable... cool hero... That's what I wanna be! That's why I'm giving it everything! For everyone!"

Pokémon: Izuku Midoriya
Type: Normal/Fighting
Ability: Justified/Sturdy
Hidden Ability: One for All - The Pokemon's attacks deal 50% more damage, but each attack has 50% recoil.
Moves: Power-Up Punch, Superpower, Close Combat, Counter, Force Palm, Double-Edge, Mach Punch, Thunder Punch, Ice Punch, Moonblast, Fire Punch, Low Kick, High Jump Kick, Jump Kick, Drain Punch, Mega Punch, Dynamic Punch, Sucker Punch, Mega Kick, Heavy Slam, Bullet Punch, Thunderbolt, Play Rough, Air Slash, Power Whip, Protect, Bulk Up, Aura Sphere, Shadow Ball.
Signature Move: Detroit Smash | Fighting | Physical | 100 Base Power | 30PP | 100% accuracy | 50% chance of lowering defense
Z-Move: St. Louis Smash - Converted from High Jump Kick using Shootstylium Z. | Fighting | Physical | 200 Base Power |
Stats: 120/120/65/95/60/125
Reasoning: Normal because Izuku was just a normal kid with no quirk at first. Fighting because he’s mostly hand-to-hand combat and sheer force with a few ranged attacks. Justified comes from his undying desire to help people, regardless of how stupid it is in retrospect and his record of beating down villains. Sturdy comes from the level of damage he’s willing to take to achieve his goals, willingly breaking his bones multiple times for the sake of the good of others. One for All comes from his quirk, It allowed him to achieve some spectacular feats of strength, but at the cost of broken body parts. Hidden Ability because he saw it as a trump card at first. Most of his moves are punches, because his early battle-style was initially just punches and finger-flicks, as that’s what was mainly how All Might fought. St.Louis Smash is, as of this slate, the latest special move he used. His stats portrays his immense speed and strength and his lackluster defenses and his High HP also shows his determination, shrugging damage with sheer stubbornness.

“Unless we can face that which pains us... we can never truly sparkle! ☆”

Pokémon: Yuga Aoyama
Type: Fairy
Ability: Dazzling
H. Ability: Pétillant - Opponents can only target Yuga when he’s on the field.
Moves: Moonblast, Play Rough, Dazzling Gleam, Flash Cannon, Aurora Beam, Bubble Beam, Charge Beam, Hyper Beam, Ice Beam, Psybeam, Signal Beam, Simple Beam, Solar Beam, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Shadow Ball, U-Turn, Dark Pulse, Heal Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Water Pulse, Protect
Signature Move: Navel Laser | Fairy | Special | 90 Base Power | 20PP | 100% accuracy | 10% chance of burning opponent. | 20% chance of lowering accuracy.
Stats: 75/65/95/125/100/80
Reasoning: Fairy because he’s dazzling and shiny like faries, also he’s french and the fairy type came from the pokemon version of france. Dazzling for the same reason. Pétillant, french for sparkling, again alludes to his bright nature and also references the time he drew the attacks of multiple students from various schools to attack him in the provisional hero licence arc. Most of the moveset is ranged beam and blast attacks. Navel Laser comes from his quirk. Fairly bulky special attacker stats reflect his canon fighting style.

"But there's no time to hesitate, so do it now! You wanna be a hero, don't you?! Then let's pass this test."

Pokémon: Kyoka Jiro
Type: Normal
Ability: Singer - Dancer Clone for Sound moves
H. Ability: Earphone Jack - 1.5x base power for Sound moves, but she takes 50% more damage from sound moves.
Moves: Boomburst, Bug Buzz, Chatter, Confide, Disarming Voice, Echoed Voice, Heal Bell, Hyper Voice, Metal Sound, Sing, Snarl, Supersonic, Uproar, Extrasensory, Air Slash, Earthquake, Night Slash, Leaf Blade, Thunderbolt, Thunder
Sig. Move: Heartbeat Fuzz | Normal | Special | 100 Base Power | 15PP | 100% accuracy |
Stats: 90/80/75/130/80/85
Reasoning: Normal because most sound attacks are normal and most other types would have flimsy explanations. Singer because she’s a skilled singer and sung in the cultural festival. Earphone Jack is from their quirk, she can amplify her heartbeat, but can be overpowered by louder sounds. Movepool is mostly sound attacks, with Earthquake, referencing the time she caused a small earthquake in the arena. Also some slashing moves, from when she used a sword in USJ. This is relevant because no one in Class-A uses cutting attacks. Heartbeat Fuzz is her special move from canon.

Pokemon: Yoda
Star Wars

Ability: Forewarn, Force Mastery
Force Mastery:
Special moves deal 1.2x damage and self targeted status moves heal user by 12.5% after move is used.

Notable Moves: Psychic, Psyshock, Future Sight, Psycho Cut, Secret Sword, Sacred Sword Focus Blast, Aura Sphere, Vacuum Wave, Calm Mind, Recover, Substitute, Rest, Light Screen, Reflect, Meditate, Telekinesis, Aeroblast

Stats: 70 / 60 / 80 / 150 / 140 / 70 (570 BST)

Reasoning: The most recognisable (and smallest) Jedi Master from Star Wars, Yoda, was one of the most powerful known Force users. He's well respected across the entire galaxy for both his wisdom and abilities in battle. His mastery of the Force allows him to deal extra damage in his special attacks as well as enhance the effectiveness of his more meditative moves. Most of his moves are derived from his Force powers, such as Force Push and Telekinesis, but also has access to attacks that use his lightsaber such as Psycho Cut and Secret Sword.
Pokemon: The Child
Star Wars
Evolution: The Child is a 'pre-evolution' of Yoda however is a special form similar to Spiky-eared Pichu. It cannot evolve but still has access to Eviolite

Ability: Cute Charm, Force Novice
Force Novice:
One of the following will activate at the end of each turn: 50% chance to recover HP lost from last attack, 40% chance to trap opponent, 10% chance to survive on 1 HP next turn.

Notable Moves: Stockpile, Spit Up, Swallow, Splash

Stats: 40 / 5 / 5 / 20 / 5 / 5 (80 BST)

Reasoning: The Child was the mysterious target of a bounty the Mandalorian was tasked to collect on behalf of a remnant of the Empire. Fortunately, The Child was too adorable to be left in the hands of the Empire so the Mandalorian took it into his care and protection. Most of the time The Child just sat there looking cute, playing flight instruments and swallowing Sorgan frogs whole. The Child did display some control of the Force though it was extremely limited and usually based on instinct rather than conscious effort.


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Pokémon: The Hulk
Franchise: Marvel Comics

Stats: 110 / 145 / 105 / 50 / 80 / 80 | BST: 570
Abilities: Anger Point / Regenerator
Movepool: Earthquake, Bounce, Superpower, High Jump Kick, Focus Punch, Boomburst, Head Smash, Mega Punch, Mega Kick, Brick Break, Heavy Slam, Body Press, Hammer Arm, High Horsepower, Bulk Up, Recover, Close Combat, Poison Jab, Gamma Punch*
Signature Move: Gamma Punch | Poison | Physical | 100 BP | 10 PP | 100% Accuracy | Breaks Reflect and Light Screen.
Flavour/Design: Hulk is a green-skinned, hulking and muscular humanoid possessing a vast degree of physical strength, and his alter ego Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, a physically weak, socially withdrawn, and emotionally reserved physicist, the two existing as independent personalities and resenting of the other. He gains his powers after getting severe radiation poisoning from a gamma bomb detonating. But instead of dying, one of his split personailities manifested itself as a physical incarnation of all of his rage. Since then, Bruce Banner transforms into the Hulk during emotional stress, most notably anger. He has immense physical strength and has powerful regenerative properties.
Competitive Analysis: Hulk is a potent wallbreaker with solid bulk, and decent coverage options to hit other mons that resist its STABs.

Best Girl
Pokémon: Froppy
Franchise: My Hero Academia

Stats: 70 / 105 / 90 / 115 / 80 / 85 | BST: 545
Abilities: Long Reach / Swift Swim | HA: Sticky Hold
Movepool: Waterfall, Bounce, Superpower, High Jump Kick, Lick, Power Whip, Spit Up, Swallow, Scald, Surf, Splash, Taunt, Encore, Sludge Bomb, Camoflauge, Calm Mind, Focus Blast, Rain Dance, Gunk Shot, Acrobatics, U-turn, Toxic
Flavour/Design: Froppy, known as Tsuyu Asui, is a hero in training that attends the UA Hero Course. Her quirk makes her have frog like attributes, which is shown throughout her various moves and abilities. She is shown to be a level headed and calm thinker, hence Calm Mind and Focus Blast.
Competitive Analysis: aFroppy is a jack of all trades, which reflects in her mostly balanced stat spread. She can either be an offensive Calm Mind sweeper or a utility based mon with Taunt and U-turn

Pokémon: Dr. Doom
Franchise: Marvel Comics

Stats: 110 / 75 / 75 / 130 / 80 / 90 | BST: 570
Abilities: Competitive / Intimidate | HA: Telepathy
Movepool: Psychic, Psyshock, Metal Sound, Doom Desire, Flash Cannon, Nasty Plot, Steel Beam, Teleport, Focus Blast, Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Magnet Rise, Shadow Ball, Stored Power, Calm Mind, Thunderbolt
Flavour/Design: WIP
Competitive Analysis: WIP
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Goofy Goobers.png

Pokémon: Goofy
Franchise: Disney
Ability: Regenerator | Levitate | [HA] Dauntless Shield | [Mega] Volt Absorb
Moves: Moonblast, Psystrike, Heat Wave, Ice Beam, Air Slash, Defog, Power Gem, Me First, Mimic, Calm Mind, Roost, Hyper Voice and Fleur Cannon.
Signature Item: Goofynite (Allows Goofy to Megaevolve)
Base: 60 / 100 / 105 / 60 / 150 / 70 (545 BST)
Mega: 60 / 145 / 114 / 145 / 60 / 121 (645 BST)
Reasoning: Goofy is Fairy/Steel type because of his big relationship and being part of the light trio in the Kingdom Hearts series, also including his shield wielding for the Steel type.
Flying typing for the Mega comes to show that her flying capabilities got expanded enought for it, plus so the ability slot gets free for the perfect ability, Volt Absorb, as the form based on this (Super Goof) can absorb electricity as the ability suggests.

Regenerator comes from being able to quickly heal a bit when being sent back with the Party feature in KHII, Levitate comes from being able to fly by believing thanks to Peter Pan, Dountless Shield comes from his shield that's also able to grant him the ability to reduce damage taken on a similar fashion, and as said above, Volt Absorb for the mega comes from Super Goof being able to absorb electricity with no issue.

Lastly, for the movepool:

While small, it contains reliable stuff. Rapid Spin comes from Goofy's main rotating attacks in the KH series, Behemoth Bash comes as the main Physical STAB move that complements with flavor for his shield, Play Rough comes from Goofy being able to do similar sort of techniques in the cartoons, Dragon Ascent come from Goofy being able to tackle on the opponent in his Super Goof form on this fashion, also granting reliable Flying type STAB, Heart Swap comes from the mechanic in KH cosmology allowing to change hearts, Bullet Seed comes from Goofy's segment in the KHII Trinity Limit technique, U-Turn comes from Goofy being able to pivot as needed, as this is done enought to warrant it being here from the Super Goof form, Teleport comes from Goofy being able to be called back by Sora and all of that in KH, Follow Me comes from Goofy being able to bait all opponents to himself as seen in his movies, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, Flamethrower and Gravity come from Super Goofy's ability of handling those powers, Bulk Up comes from Super Goof being able to become stronger on this fashion, and King's Shield is pretty flavorful for his KH version, as not only his strongest shield is called Save the King, but the forcefields Goofy can do hold a beehive structure just like King's Shield, Brick Break comes from the comic shorts where Goofy is able to perform a technique of this fashion, Sky Uppercut, Mach Punch and Drain Punch come from his Super Goof form.
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remind me to not accept a joke suggestion that wasn't even in #bonus-theme-suggestions next time

Pokémon: **Dead Master** even though this sub is primarily based on versions that dont really qualify on their own oops
Origin: Black★Rock Shooter
Type: Ghost
Ability: Chain Up* / Gluttony / Soul-Heart
*Chain Up: Traps opponent for 1 turn upon entry.
Stats: 90/120/70/70/110/90 (550)
Notable Moves: Shadow Bone, Megahorn, Wrap, Power Whip, Psycho Cut, Night Slash, Crunch, Brave Bird, Wild Charge, Will-o-Wisp
Reasoning: Some middle-schooler's sleep paralysis demon, or maybe a soul-eating dead housewife. Depends who you ask. Ghost-type because she's got "dead" in the name and one version of her is literally dead. Chain Up because at least two versions of her use chains, trapping because that's what Anchor Shot does and only lasting for one turn because the primary purpose of chains in the Black Rock Shooter franchise is getting broken by the titular character. This is also why she gets Power Whip and Wrap. Gluttony, Soul-Heart and Crunch because the version of her in Black Rock Shooter: Innocent Soul eats souls and also a teddy bear at one point. Shadow Bone because of those skulls she has floating around. Megahorn because horns. Psycho Cut and Night Slash because scythe. Brave Bird because she has wings (of a sort). Wild Charge because her fully awakening in the 2012 anime is accompanied by a fair amount of electricity. Will-o-Wisp because in Innocent Soul her eye lights on fire sometimes.

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