Tournament Crown Tundra Anything Goes Kickoff Tournament: Winner - Icemaster

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Predicts on whether the user is cute or not
Round 3:

Aquarius Ghost ❤ vs  Geysers - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up
Catalystic vs Dockiva~~ - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up
Ninjawarrior7778  vs  Yami - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up
Jho  vs  Bread Sandwich - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up
Monsareeasy  vs  Saladae - Pannu is the opposite of cute, so Mons has this easy
PurpleGatorade  vs  Icemaster - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up
Kaitlyn  vs  cromagnet - ❤❤❤
suN#6174  vs  Guardsweeper - solid 50/50 cuteness match-up

HF everyone!
I'm a really good poster
Predicts totALlY Not FOr LiKES woOOoOoO
Aquarius Ghost ❤  vs  Geysers the rust is slowly corroding aquarius
Catalystic  vs  Dockiva~~ ooOOh sounds intense.
Ninjawarrior7778  vs  Yami yami seems skilled in his craft.
Jho  vs  Bread Sandwich Jho really put in a heavy load of work during NDPL so I can see him pulling the rug.
Monsareeasy  vs  Saladae
PurpleGatorade  vs  Icemaster
Kaitlyn  vs  cromagnet Kate and Cro both are insanely skilled players, let us watch and see what will happen.
suN#6174  vs  Guardsweeper never heard of sun.
predicts because I'm bored and sad that I lost r1
Aquarius Ghost ❤  vs  Geysers Geysers is really good at g8 ag formats and I feel like Aquarius's lack of experience in this really hurts him
Catalystic  vs  Dockiva~~ Dockiva has more experience in g8 ag, however, cata is goated so idk
Ninjawarrior7778  vs  Yami Goat Yami will take it home
Jho  vs  Bread Sandwich Both great players, I really dont know about this mu
Monsareeasy  vs  Saladae Again, Mons would usually win at ag due to more experience, however saladae is a very solid player and I haven't seen mons play g8 ag yet
PurpleGatorade  vsIcemaster The Goat of g8 ag formats versus an very good usum main, Idt PG has played a single game of ndex or g8 ag except for this tour in around 5 months.
Kaitlyn  vs  cromagnet idk both very good players, they could both bring janky shit and honestly I dont know what do choose.
suN#6174  vs  Guardsweeper. Guard is just much, much, much better than sun due to way more ag experience and team building experience.
Guardsweeper  vs  Ninjawarrior7778- goatsweeper
Bread Sandwich  vs  Kaitlyn- kate has showed herself to be very good.
Saladae  vs  Cataclystic
 vs  Geysers- sry sentient geyser man
smogoff doesnt pay the bills
Round 4:
Guardsweeper  vs  Ninjawarrior7778- guard is much better
Bread Sandwich  vs  Kaitlyn. (In all honesty 50/50 agl and Kate are both insane at g8 ag
Saladae  vs  Catalystic I am not biased in anyway, shape or form (cata prob wins)
Ice master vs geysers. I think ice is just better, however geysers is to be feared, watch him bring some bull like block dd zyg to cheese. 65/35.
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