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  • Post which Pokemon you would like to reserve a discussion thread for.
  • Do not post your thread until you have approval from a moderator.
  • Each person will be allowed to create one discussion thread at a time, generally first-come first-serve pending approval. If you've finished your reservation, you may reserve another.
  • You can create a maximum of two discussion threads in total.

Pokemon List


Articuno-Galar - by MegaFlareon
Calyrex - by earl
Glastrier - by CoolMan6001
Moltres-Galar - by readytolose
Regidrago - by Estronic
Regieleki - by earl
Slowking-Galar - by jfowls
Spectrier - by STEELDRAGON
Zapdos-Galar - by BreloomBoyBouttaSpore


Aerodactyl - by Sickist
Articuno - by InvisibleWater
Azelf - by War Incarnate
Blacephalon - by Lilburr
Blaziken - by ShootingStarmie
Buzzwole - by Chemical_Jackfruit
Celesteela - by Bean Man
Cresselia - by Zneon
Crobat - reserved by WMAR
Diancie - by 658Greninja
Dragonite - by ThelordofbadRNG
Entei - by Dreadfury
Garchomp - by ScraftyIsTheBest
Genesect - by Mega-Pokebattlerz
Heatran - by ViZar
Kabutops - by STEELDRAGON
Kartana - by CoolMan6001
Landorus - by Zneon
Landorus-Therian - by ReadTheMango
Latias - by Gomi
Latios - by ShootingStarmie
Metagross - by ViZar
Moltres - by SketchUp
Naganadel - by Ruft
Nidoking - by Rawbi
Nidoqueen - by MegaFlareon
Nihilego - by readytolose
Omastar - by Empress Mobile
Pheromosa - by Trinitrotoluene
Raikou - by Martin
Registeel - by Gold Frog6
Salamence - by majority
Stakataka - by Dreadfury
Suicune - by ReadTheMango
Swampert - by BitBitio
Tapu Bulu - by okispokis
Tapu Fini - by Katy
Tapu Koko - by Gomi
Tapu Lele - by DC
Thundurus - by WMAR
Thundurus-Therian - by War Incarnate
Tornadus - by InvisibleWater
Tornadus-Therian - by BreloomBoyBouttaSpore
Uxie - by escarlata
Victini - by Twilight
Volcanion - by Stareal
Xurkitree - by Plague von Karma
Zapdos - by Hobie
Zygarde - by zedhatool
Zygarde-10% - by Katy


[Animated sprite/other official art]
Pokemon Name

Base Stats - XX HP / XX Atk / XX Def / XX SpA / XX SpD / XX Spe

Moveset - Level Up, TM, TR, Egg Move, Move Tutor, Pre-Evolution Exclusive, Transfer Only
Newly Obtainable Moves (if any)
Notable Moves
Description of newly released abilities (if any)
Description of newly released moves (if any)

General overview of the Pokemon, positives/negatives

Potential Sets

Useful sources for the needed information can be the Serebii SwSh Dex and the newest metagame discussion thread.

Here's an example where I created a thread about Chansey when we did this for the Isle of Armor DLC.

If you have any further questions, you can message me here or on Discord.
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keep gambling
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(not on the list, but because Calyrex is there I assume it should be?) Regieleki please

If Regieleki isn't availble, I'll take Articuno-Galar

Ruft edit: Regieleki approved (forgot about the Regis oops)


keep gambling
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Finished Regieleki, could I have Calyrex (lol)

Ruft edit: approved
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LC Main, No Brain
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Would like to reserve Tapu Lele

Ruft edit: approved
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I mean... Landorus is right there, and I would like to reserve him

Ruft edit: Landorus-I is taken, do you mean the Therian form?

Mango edit: Yessir

Ruft edit: approved
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