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Speaking of Showdown:

quick everyone, pretend to be french
Glistering: It should be called permafreeze if there is one
%CoolStoryBrobat: Type /tiers and /om
+Pwnemon: bonjour birkal
Froberto: Bonjour
+Adam Lambert: Boinjour
iTalk: oui
Dis: I'm french
%CoolStoryBrobat: That will show you the formats
Imranfr0: ca va?
Msrulz4: bonjour
Elite Four Blue: oh me eheheh
TheSmartArts: je suis
Admiral Stratos: all gay people here
Glistering: bonjour
&Birkal: oui
A Wild Heracross: Horhorhorhor mes amis FACKOOF
@jas61292: why do you do this to us?
+Pwnemon: parle vious francez
oilor: mais je suis francais deja
Prof. Turkey: Oui!
RobtheGob: no >:(
Dis: Bonjour
@jas61292: why?
Nikolai: Je'mapelle
FallenJediMaster: Cava?
Sakura <3: bonjour
r#^%$3z*(7686k: LOL
nufu: bonjour?
@TFC: my impression was unmatched
Prof. Turkey: Parlez Vous Francias?
FallenJediMaster: Ca va?*
Team-Testing Vax: This text is in the French language.
Msrulz4: Je'mapelle Msrulz4
Blimper: bonjour
r#^%$3z*(7686k: Chat is strong right now
sasukeitachi100: Hi Sakura
iTalk: je parle un tres petit peu francais
@jas61292: lol
black sceptile: any tournaments?
Gym Leader Dan: oui
humblezealot: Allons-y!!
nufu: ca va comme ci comme ca
Sakura <3: birkal probably had too many drinks lol
Marigi174: if there was a freeze powder, a new clause would be born: freeze powder clause. freeze powder is banned
+Pwnemon: **i smell atrocious
TheTaipanDemon: french ppl
Glistering: wait... can't we all be muted for speaking another language?
+Adam Lambert: Birkal you are so dumb tho
+Pwnemon: oops
Not open for further replies.