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Since this project is currently using the home models,: Are the models using the in-battle or out of battle idle animations?
So this is how we're handling this. We take the Home model meshes, and also take the ScVl armatures/skeletons and combine them. Where now the Home model will be using the ScVl armature instead of the one from home. That way ScVl animations can easily be applied to the Home models we're now using. The models from Home and ScVl don't always have an exact match, but often they are very close and only require some manual corrections to get them to work well.
Hey there! Wanted to say this project is amazing! Found out not long ago and honestly can't believe how good the final gifs turn out. Congrats (and thank you) to the amazing artists contributing to this! Hope the DLCs hype inspire you all <3

Also, are there any new Legends Arceus renders done by Flicks available elsewhere? Besides the ones he posted here, I mean. They're SO good!
Hello! Just passed by to say that you're doing a great job with your project! I thought Showdown staff just picked random gifs from Google Images and then uploaded into the simulator, but I had no idea you put so much effort in these gifs. I hope life chills out a bit for everyone involved and please do not be discouraged to demake new mons into these neat gifs.

If I hadn't enough in my hands right now, I would help you people, but as I cannot, at least I can give some kind words.

Keep up with the good work, drink lots of water and get some quality sleep :)
First of all, thank for this laborious work of importing animated sprites for Showdown. Besides, is it possible to post here the progress of these new sprites? The latest ones are, I believe, those of the two Ursaluna
tbh i think the reason updates have stopped being posted is because of the people who see the update posts and immediately go rabid about how the process takes time and can't be over in a week

besides, maybe it's just me, but i quite like how they're silently adding them in now; it adds a little element of surprise when i load into a game and one of the critters is moving now when it wasn't yesterday
haupeyz and Starz it think it would be beneficial to contact DJTHED instead of working independently since they require you to go through a quality control process before getting them uploaded on site
Hi, so this isn’t for showdown but I want to get close to it for..another project let’s say. I will contact him though, thank you!

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