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How do you want teamsheets to be handled?

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(I would consider getting a Gen 9 logo but that's a lot of work lol)

I'm deciding to release player signups a week early! Signups will be open from December 5 to December 16.

Winter League Overview:
  • There will be 8 teams in Winter League II. Teams will field 8 starters and a minimum of 3 substitutes. There is no maximum team size.
  • We will draft using an auction of 120K credits, with each bid (for a player) starting at 3k.
  • Format Overview is as follows:
    • 8x VGC 2023 Series 1
      • After much polling and discussion amongst the community and managers, we have agreed upon the following format:
      • 6 closed teamsheet slots (with gentlemen's agreement for open) and 2 open teamsheet slots (which CANNOT be closed)
  • There will be no retains in this iteration of VGC PL.
The managers for this tournament are below!
Dewford Dozos: zee EVIL z0mOG
Kiloude City Kilowattrels: Zelda yuki snow-pokepoke
Driftveil Dirges: baaaaaat Megamite RK_pocoyo
Po Town Gholdengos: Nails Spurrific Grandmas Cookin
Kyoto Kingambits: -Howkings JoeUX9 NJ11
Eterna City Flower Tricks: Helios of Sun izzy22x gahaku
Glaseado Mountain Greedents: PsychedVGC Darts
Zui Zoruas: Tyo Wille duckpond

Signup Format:
Name: this can be a different name than your Smogon account if you go by something else in the VGC community
  • A Smogon account older than 30 days OR with a minimum of 5 posts
  • A Twitter account registered in February of 2022 or earlier
  • A Discord account that is 6 months old or older
Bio: A place to tell managers more about yourself! This could be accomplishments, experience, or just more about you!

Blank Template:
Relevant Social Media:
Teamsheet Preference (noted above):


Example Signup:
Name: Eeveon7
Relevant Social Media: Eeveon7♪#6561 (Discord), Eeveon7 on Twitter and Smogon
Teamsheet Preference: Closed
Bio: World's best benchwarmer

The tournament will be expected to start in late December and run for 7 weeks of regular season with 2 potential playoff weeks. Please only sign up if you are willing to make such a time commitment.
Below is the updated proposed timetable:

Manager Signups Dec 5 - Dec 11
Player Signups Dec 5 - Dec 16
Draft: Dec 17 Saturday 11:01 AM GMT-5
Week 1: Dec 21 - Dec 27
Week 2: Dec 28 - Jan 3
Week 3: Jan 4 - Jan 10
Week 4: Jan 11 - Jan 17
Week 5 Jan 18 - Jan 24
Week 6: Jan 25 - Jan 31
Week 7: Feb 1 - Feb 7
Semifinals: Feb 8- Feb 14
Finals: Feb 15 - Feb 21
(Yes weeks start on Wednesday)
Name: ProssettiVGC
Relevant Social Media: Discord: Prossetti#4146, ProssettiVGC on Twitter and Smogon
Teamsheet Preference: Open
Bio: 15-30th place Smogon Spikemuth Cup, willing to work with captains and teammates to practice and improve, murkrow enthusiast
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Name: Karthik
Relevant Social Media: Karthik#7144 on Discord, @KarthikVGC on Twitter
Bio: 74th at 2022 NAIC (6-3 record). Have played in the past couple WL/PLs here on Smogon, and was on Team India in the WCoP for the past 2 years. Also currently set to play in the Smogon 2022 Circuit Invitational
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Name: Alex
Relevant Social Media: Alex123#4626 on discord, @alexqian123 on Twitter
Bio: 6-3 at Limitless Tour Cut USPA ladder tour 7-2 Champions Cup, multiple Desafio Latam top cuts. Willing to work with Murkrow Hyper offense enjoyers. Willing to keep improving my skills with captains and players.
Name: NJB
Social Media: @NJBDarkrai, njb#8675
Bio: only irl tour has been spikemuth cup at worlds and I went x-0. lots of good results online and can contribute to bringing about a positive team atmosphere so consider picking me. I was on the 2nd place winter league team last season :)
Name: downfall
Relevant Social Media: this smogon account, downfall#8215 on discord
Bio: Made it to losers round 5 of 2022 vgc summer seasonal. Played in the recent Spikemuth Cup and Spring Scramble. Excited to learn and play with new people!
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Name: Orangex733
Relevant Social Media: (9*_*)9#2264(discord), orangex733 on twitter
3rd at Liverpool regionals 2022 seniors, round 7 in spikemuth cup lcq, vgc summer seasonal round 7, 2nd in 2v2pl 3 if that matters, willing to put in effort.
Name: Pyreon
Relevant Social Media: PyreonPT, Pyreon#5885
Bio: I'm a player since 2015. Qualified once for Worlds in 2019 and I have a lot of experience in team tours. Played in the previous Winter League and both VGC PLs and have experience from World Cup and two seasons of NPA. Had a bad time in 2021-22 but looking forward to come back stronger in 2023 with a regional format which I'm usually better at.
Teamsheets: Closed.
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Name: Shizune
Relevant Social Media: My Smogon account is fairly old but I haven't played in many tournaments -- also discord is GreyPowerVan#1822.
Trying to be serious about VGC this year since I haven't played it since DPP. I am coachable and plan on spending at least an hour or two a day studying VGC content. Worth 3k :v


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Name: TDK
Relevant Social Media: Carson#5703
Bio: haven't really played vgc prior, have looked into sv vgc and am interested in trying it out. perfectly fine benching and helping, cannot promise to put up good results. i do understand all doubles mechanics so no worries there. feel free to ask any Qs
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