(Custom Avatar Prize) Smogon VGC Winter League II - Player Signups

How do you want teamsheets to be handled?

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Name: NecasInTrouble
Relevant Social Media: Here and Discord (NecasInTrouble#2689)
Bio: Been playing VGC for less than a year and already have a top 16 Smogon tour and was a hopeful for Team Canada for VGC WC. I might have not been around long but I have the drive and passion to always give my 110%.
Name: noiceVGC
Relevant Social Media: (Discord) sparkz#0795 (Twitter) @_sp4rkz
Teamsheet preference: Open
Bio: top cut the smogon spikemuth cup (6-1 Swiss), finalist of EGC spikemuth cup tour (7-2 all tour), hit rank 1 on S11 showdown ladder, j cole enthusiast, excited to play and teambuild
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Name: Mareeoh8
Relevant Social Media: Discord Mareeoh8#1975
Bio: Played in OPL, APAC and World Cup with an average of 3-1 record.
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Name: Sulo
Relevant Social Media: Sulo#7802
have been playing a bit of doubles in my free time and i've gotten familiar with how things work, would absolutely love to try vgc to expand my horizons


DOU main. GMT-7. PS!: GenOne
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Name: GenOne
Relevant Social Media: GenOne#5909 (Discord)
Bio: Smogon Doubles OU main, 0 VGC experience but willing to be a cheerleader, benchwarmer or be coached into a workable VGC player :x


The White Larry Bird
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Name: Chris32156
Relevant Social Media: Chris32156#3058
Bio: Played vgc as a senior from 2017 post worlds - 2020 dc open, fw little iw(in senior div) I qualified for worlds every year I played, won the dc open without dropping a set, and won the november online international challenge. I haven't played too much since then but I was able to get top 4 in the Rose Tower June Challenge, and top 16 in galar farewell with no prep and rentals. Even though I've mostly took a break I can still pickup doubles pretty easily, I started playing dou about 6 months ago and I got top 16 osdt, top 16 ssnl, Won doubles Majors, and am 9th on the circuit, and 4th on the record sheet for the year.
Discord Scottyw01#8410
Twitter scottyw0101
Team uk wcop
Lots of draft experience Including going 5-1 in recent sootopolis spikemuth draft.
Lots of online cuts including vr and rose tower
Multiple rank 1s on ladder and cart.
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