(Custom Avatar Prize) Smogon VGC Winter League II - Player Signups

How do you want teamsheets to be handled?

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Name: mtschmucker
Relevant Social Media: mtschmucker#2457 on Discord, @mtschmucker on Twitter (promise i didn’t pay for the checkmark, i just went to journalism school)
Bio: Started playing VGC early in Sw/Sh, and I've been playing in VGC draft leagues consistently since 2021. Played in a couple online tours so far in gen 9 and got 3 or 4 wins in each.
Active all the time on Discord and Showdown, excited to dive into the new format with people.
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Name: Concept Everything / SWIIC
Relevant Social Media: SWIIC#0874 on Discord
Bio: I watch VGC occasionally and am at least knowledgeable to some degree over the meta. Also LBN’s only biggest fan.
Name: Max / realbmorebrass
Relevant Social Media: realbmorebrass#7487 on Discord
Bio: NPA XI 3-2 record (Birds); PGL3 4-2 record (Murkrows)


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Name: Voltage
Relevant Social Media: @VoltageVO on twidderdotcom, -Voltage-#4828
Bio: Played way back in 15-16 locally, Regular CAP team tour player and manager, looking to really dive into VGC this season even if it's just building and testing for teammates
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RoAPL Champion
Name: BlazingDark
Relevant Social Media: Kugen#8465
Bio: Started playing vgc again recently, haven't really played it since BW2
Name: 0riginalName
Relevant Social Media: Twitter: @0riginalNameVGC, Discord: 0riginalName#1729
Perth Regionals 2020 champion, Sydney regionals 2017 top 4, 3 other regional top 8s
Name: Lucas
Relevant Social Media: ognightshade_ on TikTok, ognightshade on instagram, ogNightShade on showdown
Bio: Gimmicky competitor and hardcore nuzlocker
Name: RKD
Relevant Social Media: RKD_TBH#2517 on Discord and @RKD_MH_TBH on Twitter
Bio: teammates loves me cuz I'm good at doing spreads and scouting
Name: Justinsnores
Relavent social media: dondozo but better on pkm showdown okokok#5243 in discord
bio: ok i put my regional champions international champion and world top8 in 2019 i put my online results of goodness as i do top cut in few online tours like victoryroad in 2021 few other ones too
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