(Custom Avatar Prize) Smogon VGC Winter League II - Player Signups

How do you want teamsheets to be handled?

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Name: SuperMemeBroz
Relevant Social Media: これらのナッツに乗る#2334
Bio: got into vgc this Gen and was able to get to master ball tier easily. I also have played formats that are similar to vgc
Name: Marlboro
Relevant Social Media: marlboro#3296 on discord
Teamsheet Preference (noted above):
closed team but open tera type
I started in vgc in 2020 and I played a lot of online tours, but I want to take it seriusly in SV, I can do tryouts if any team want to. I think i can do it well
Name: JoanGarcia
Relevant Social Media:
JoanGarcia#8217 in Discord, JoanG on Smogon
Teamsheet Preference: Open Team Sheet

Bio: I'm Joan Garcia and I'm from Spain.
I'm very active and help a lot and I work very hard to escape the Matrix.

The most relevant results on individual tours:
- Victory Road to Columbus Runner-Up
- 1x Victory Road Circuit Top16
- Bilbao SPE Top64 cps + Online IC Top16
- Desafío Latam 1 finals qualified with 6 Top Cuts: 1xTop8, 2x Top16, 2xTop32, 1x Top64
- Desafío Latam 2 1xTop16 and 1xTop32
- Rose Tower Open 2021 Winner and 5th on finals
- Rose Tower 2021 Top8 and Top32
- Battle Palace Top32
- NinoPokeBros top8 on SV 200 players tournament, Top16 in 150 players one.

Experience in Team Leagues:
- VCL Season 1 : 10-2 record; playing now Season 2 on Div1.
- NPA 10&11 Aether Paradise Symbionts
- PGL 1, 2 and 3
- Smogon PL with Weaviles
- Opal League MVP 6-0
- Littleroots 6-2
- Wacka World Tour 2022
- Manager in SCL Hau'Oli Heat and EGL Heatran Forge
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Name: Arcticblast
Relevant social media: @Arcticblast324 on Twitter, Arcticblast#2121 on Discord
Team Sheet Preference: Open with closed as an option (I Will Simply Not Look At The Sheet)
Bio: Arcticblast
Name: Kool Raid
Relevant Social Media: Kool Raid on Pokémon Showdown Kool Raid#1793 on Discord
Teamsheet preference: open
Bio: king couch potato, was new in gen 8 but now I’m ready to brawl, this will first team league, kind of a perfectionist, willing to be benched, coach, or be coached
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Name: MichaelderBeste2
Relevant Social Media: @MichaelderBeste (Twitter), MichaelderBeste#7761 (Discord)
Bio: Started playing vgc this Gen. Currently placed top 50 on ladder and top 500 in Masterball Class ingame. Went 5-3 in the Wide League VGC Tour last weekend and I'm looking forward to play and contribute for the VGC Community
Name: Artcar
Relevant Social Media:@ ArtcarVGC on twitter, Pyrods#9554 on discord
Bio: In these weeks of Scarlet and Violet I placed 4th in an irl tournament in Milan (54 players) and 2nd in Nino's online tour (200+ players). I recently did well in SCL draft league with a 5-2 score in SwSh.
Name: Hys
Social Media: Hys#6006 (Discord)
Bio: Willing to learn/play whatever, mostly a singles player looking to learn/play in doubles formats, went 6-3 in my only VGC tour (Series 9 Smogon Major)
Name: Izzy / SleepyFox
Relevant Social Media: Discord
#2446 (Discord uses weird emotes i didn't want to change last minute :cherry_blossom: Izzy :cherry_blossom:#2446 ) Twitter: SleepiestFoxIzzy
Bio: Challenger TFT player, switching to VGC as my main game. I enjoy analyzing games and team building. Have loads of time to help and play while preparing to compete in the 2023 senior league!
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Name: Gerald Hoard
Relevant Social Media: 2thyfor on all platforms, discord: 2thyfor#1336
im pretty decent at vgc and probably better then most of the people that signed up in this league :)
Name: Liam
Relevant Social Media: lj_vgc on twitter and ljhartman everywhere else (disc: ljhartman#8038)
University grad, team player, VGC player since 2017 (mimilax fan). I am highly involved in communities, likeable and fun team player and engaged in team chats. I will use my age, wisdom and knowledge to best assist and motivate this team's youthful stars. Definitely a dark horse and an undervalued player. Highly competitive chess player ( i understand team prep and value of working together on team info)
Name: Ian
Relevant Social Media: ianspur99#4601 on Discord
Team sheet Preference: Closed
Bio: Played VGC off and on since 2015 attended a couple local regionals as a teen with middling finishes, Won my Uni's Inaugural VGC tournament.
Name: Buggahz349 (Mr.B)
Relevant Social Media: Mr.B#4441 (Discord), mrb_ssb on Twitter
Teamsheet Preference: Open
Bio: 2nd at my first 2 premier challenges with Ninetales, Rose Tower Championship competitor, VGC player since 2019, singles player since 2012ish
Name: JacintoElGrande
Relevant Social Media: JacintoElGrande#9865 on discord.
Bio: Resident vgc roomtours tryhard, and like to build teams with weird ev spreads. Also really want to have a custom avatar lol.
Name: zekiewon
Relevant Social Media: this account. And discord - zekiewon#0505
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): closed!
Bio: played vgc since 2017. Competed in 2019 super regional events in person. Love Gholdengo and counter meta teams here in 2023 gameplay. This new rule set is awesome! I’ll share more bout myself as we work together!


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Name: Xrn
Relevant Social Media: Xrn#5442 on Discord, xrn476 on Twitter
Bio: Smogon doubles & singles player, played VGC in old gens but never seriously. Have been playing VGC since the gen started & currently in the kickoff tour. Would be happy to bench/sub/test/cheerlead etc.
Name: johnny
Relevant Social Media: @pizzaeater41 twitter @ruffneck#9285
Teamsheet: open
Bio: have played a couple team tours and went to vancouver regionals. going to more live events this year
Name: sempra
Relevant Social Media: semprq on twitter, sempra#0265 on discord, sempr9 on showdown
Bio: Experienced VGC player, far ahead of the curve on this format. Local tournament wins, top 16 SV Series 1 Wide League performance (340+ player tournament), top 50 on cart as of now and top 100 on showdown, with consistent top 20 entries. Will try hard and be a valuable asset to any team.
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