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How do you want teamsheets to be handled?

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Name: Lavivavida
Relevant Social Media: Valendyl#5383 on discord
Teamsheet Preference (noted above):
Open Sheets seems the most fair
Name: supamead
Relevant Social Media: gniydnu#8788 on Discord, ShadowPhoenix19 on Showdown
Teamsheet Preference (noted above):
Closed, but if both player agree can be open
New to VGC
Name: Mateo
Social Media: Cake_Chan23 #4165 on Discord
Bio: I'm a nursing student and also the coolest person to ever play in SmORGon
Name: Zadi
Relevant Social Media: Zadi#0738 (Discord), @AbilashAditya on Twitter and Zaduxi on Smogon
Teamsheet Preference: Open
Bio: “The moon is beautiful, isn't it?”
Name: McDelta
Relevant Social Media: discord Maximus#0132
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open sheets
Bio: I'm new to VGC, I want to get some experience and really get into it. I live in Europe, so i have diffrent timezone, if thats important.
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Name: Casbrov
Relevant Social Media: Discord: CaptainCasbrov #9380, Pokémon Showdown: Casbrov
Bio: I want custom skin (Also I guess I'm pretty mediocre competitively overall but who knows I might do some good battles :)))))
Relevant social media: annica#8320
teamsheet preference: closed
bio: i still play, a lot actually. willing to change my teambuilding based on teamsheet decision. always active, but not talkactive.
Name: Araluwen
Account Verification: Twitter: Araluwen Discord: Araluwen#4725
Relevant Social Media: Same twitter and discord
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open team sheets
Second place at Belgian nationals and also played for Belgium at the Wcop
Name: Ernesto VGC
Relevant Social Media: @charizard_is.the.best on Instagram, gagarr #6329 on Discord
Teamsheet Preference (noted above):
Closed, but if both players agree can be open
Bio: Good at VGC and doubles but bad at teambuilding. I speak English and Greek fluently and know some French and Spanish. Just bought a Nintendo Switch. I watched almost all of the VGC of 2022. I watch Wolfe Glick and Aaron Zheng on YouTube. I want to become better at teambuilding.
Name: BananaBroSHSID
Relevent social media: BananaBroSHSID on smogon
Teamsheet preference: Closed, but if both players agree can be open
Bio: a random high school banana that is addicted to competitive pokemon of all formats
Name: Roufail
Relevant Social Media: Discord, Roufail#6474
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open
Bio: First tour, forgot I signed up for SV Ubers kick off (won't do again)
Name: EcoGames (on showdown), kriptomgames (on smogon account)
Relevant Social Media: SrEco#7603 (on discord)
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open Team Sheets
Bio: An "okay" competitive player


Banned deucer.
Name: bodi 69
Relevant Social Media: @MehditheKing2
Teamsheet Preference (noted above): Open team sheets
Bio: started playing vgc last year and i am confident to win at least 1 match
Name: Binoxsaur
Relevant Social Media: binoxsaur#4245 (Discord), binoxsaur on twitter and smogon
Teamsheet Preference: Closed
Bio: been playing ladder for a while, but never actually competed. i think im pretty skilled and like using teams that arent always meta. started in swsh and is continuing to play in SV.
Name: Skurtay
Relevant Social Media: @ferran.duran.lucas on instagram, Skurtay on Showdown!
Teamsheet Preference: IDC open
Bio: Dunsparce enjoyer
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