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Which format do you want for the 3rd Legacy Slot?

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Name: Atmosphere
Relevant Social Media: @ atmospherevgc, Atmosphere#2619
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2023
Bio: Top 8 Fort Wayne o.o (also always note this, but my availability isn't something I can really fully promise (have a very annoying medical condition) though I should be good probably yep.)
Name: Swamp
Socials: Swamp#0086 or @5wamp8576
Formats played: VGC20-23
Bio: I've been playing VGC for the past couple years casually, starting going to regionals this year and have performed pretty well overall, earning a travel award for naic.
- Top 4 Bochum 23 in seniors
- Top 8 Utrecht 23 in seniors
- Top 16 EUIC 23 in seniors
- Made top cut in 6 different draft leagues, made finals in 2 and won 1
Name: Darko
Relevant Social Media: Twitter @DarkoVGC_CN
Formats played:
Bio: I would always try my best. I will keep studying Pokemon.

- WCOP team China 2022
- VR to Paleda top 4 (the first beat-up Annihilape)
- Global Challenge 1778 (max score)
- Jolly Breloom Tournament runner up (36th) top 4*2(33rd, 42nd) top8 (50th)
- Season 2 Ladder 1950 (max score)
- Season 4 Ladder 1900 (max score)
Name: Online: slyfoxybrazenboi, JJ or toothctrlv, IRL: JJ
Relevant Social Media: uncle iroh#8386, toothctrlv on Showdown
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023 (All series)
Bio: Your friendly neighbourhood guy who can't change his username and regrets it lmao
Bit of a rookie as I haven't been in any official VGC tournies yet, but I know the ropes inside and out and I'm a very confident player and teambuilder and would love a chance to shine. I genuinely have a huge passion for VGC and I'm ready to take on anything anyone throws at me and learn as much as I can :)
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Name: bacon122
Social Media: discord: bacon122#3141 twitter: @Bacon_VGC
Formats played: VGC 2019, VGC 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023 (all series)
Bio: Started playing VGC in the SW/SH era and I have recently had great online results and made a regional finals (seniors division). I will have a lot of availability.
Accomplishments: Official events: 2nd Place 2023 Knoxville Regionals Seniors division, top 25 Global challenge 1 in seniors division
Grassroots events: 1st place Lily of the Valley Paradox showdown (2023 series 2), Top 16 Beanie Brawl Wooper Wednesdays #6 and #8, Top 4 Maustour Monthly 2, previously top 20 on the Limitless tournament ladder
Name: Chatotchad
Relevant Social Media: Discord: Keylyon#9993, showdown chatotchad
Formats played (please state the actual format names): vgc 2023, vgc 2022
I have been playing showdown active for less time then probably the most people here. I have been active since vgc 2022. I am not the best, first to admit it. I have been learning very much ever since, and improved a lot. Before I leave, these are my rankings
Name: SlushiW
Relevant Social Media:
Discord: Slushi2k#8046
Formats played:
VGC23 (Reg A, B, & C), ALL SWSH (My Best are Series 9 or 12), SM Ultra Series (2019)
Worlds 22' Day 2 Senior, x3Top 8 Senior Regionals, Played a few games in VGCPL1 for Stoutlands, Going to Portland, Fresno, Milwaukee, and NAIC.
Name: KeanuVGC
Relevant Social Media: Keanu#7385 (discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC Regulation 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023 (would prefer to play SV for this)
Bio: Known for VGC Draft Leagues atm,Currently top 100 on cart currently.Just moved up from SeniorDivision to masters and cant wait to compete in Fresno California
Name: Helga146 or Everglade Gallade
Social Media: @GalladeVgc
Formats played: vgc 17-23
Bio: 25th Worlds 2019 seniors, #1 iron thorns stan , Mt Silver charity tour winner, t32 VR GGTOOR Jan, 23rd world battle spot S4 ladder, 2x PC Winner, T16 Hexa cup, #1 on 2v2 ladder at some point ago. I beat the Joeux9 in 2019 with a non gs cup team and a miltank,
They call me the cracker at vgc, bc im a crackhead... and pasty
Name: Adam
Relevant Social Media: adam#4837 on discord
Formats played: VGC2017, VGC 2018, VGC 2020, VGC 2021
Bio: Top 75 players cup, lowkey haven't played any VGC in gen 9 but I'm down to play the older formats
Name: Scribls
Media: scribls#2552 on discord
Formats played: Every format since VGC 2017 - most experience in VGC 2017, Series 12 (gen 8), and Regulation C
Bio: Primarily a VGC draft league player with championships in two leagues, 3 runner-ups, and a semi-finals in the leagues I've played (happy to share replays/builds). Attended Madison regionals in 2017 (5-4) and I hate 90% acc moves because of that tournament. Primarily interested in building relationships in the community and improving my skills.
Name: Local_Shinobi
Relevant social media: Local_Shinobi#0493 just discord
Formats played: started at the end of USUM, SwSh series 1-3 came back at series 12, S/V Series 1-2 and Regulation C
Bio: Started the vgc trainers school discord server and was recommended by my friend Sempra to enter but I’m pretty mid, I was top 8 in a grass root tourney once.
Name: YashGreninja
Relevant Social Media: Quartz#5395 (Discord), YashGreninja on PS and Smogon
Formats played: VGC 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023
Bio: Played at a couple of VGC locals back in early Gen 8 Days, and back to peak for Gen 9 VGC


up the redsz
is a Battle Simulator Administratoris a Community Leader
PS Admin
Name: Kennedy
Relevant Social Media: Twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): challenge cup 1v1
I'm sorry, but as an AI language model, I cannot assist you in creating a deceptive or dishonest bio to trick potential drafters. It is not ethical, and it is not in line with OpenAI's values. Honesty and integrity are essential in any competition, including Pokemon Battling tournaments.

Instead of lying in your bio, you can highlight your strengths, such as your knowledge of Pokemon Showdown as an admin and your experience in the Challenge Cup 1v1 Format. You can also mention your willingness to learn and improve your skills in competitive Pokemon battling. It is better to be honest about your experience and potential rather than to deceive potential drafters.

Here is an example of a bio that highlights your strengths without lying:

Hi, my name is Kennedy, and I am an avid Pokemon fan from England. As a Pokemon Showdown admin, I have extensive knowledge of the game mechanics and strategies. Although I have not played in many competitive Pokemon Battling tournaments, I enjoy the Challenge Cup 1v1 Format, which is a 100% luck-based format. I am excited to participate in this tournament and learn from experienced players. As a Liverpool supporter, I am committed to hard work and dedication, and I believe these traits will help me succeed in this tournament.
Name: Toxinalpaca
Relevant social media: Toxinalpaca on Twitter
Formats Played: SV VGC , SWSH 2020, 2021, and 2022
Bio: Hello there, I am Toxinalpaca. I’m well known in the VGC draft community and have been noted for good results and seen as a rising star. I was pretty active in the vgc chat room from 2021-22 and have won quite a few speed tours there. I am willing to work with others to achieve great success. With good guidance and a great team environment I can win some games for sure.
Name: Giga
Relevant Social Media: @nishantaj, GigaWatts94#6840
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
SwSh Series 12
SV Reg A, B, C
Top 16 Seacaucus 22 (Series 12)
Top 64 Vancouver 23 (Reg B)
WCOP 22 - Team India
USPA 23 - Team Massachusetts
VCL D1 - Team HGA
name: Volcaronavgc
relevant social media: VolcaronaVgc on twitter
formats played: 2018, 2023
bio: great benchwarmer ngl to ya and a senior and a artist
Name: Bigfinbogerson
Relevant social media: BigFin#6136
Formats played: VGC 2020 VGC 2022 VGC 2023
played causal VGC for a year along side many OU formats. Been getting into competitive vgc for generation 9 and am working hard everyday and loving it!
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