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Which format do you want for the 3rd Legacy Slot?

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Name: Plumber
Relevant Social Media: Plumber#5960 (Discord), PlumbrVGC on Twitter and Plumbrr on Smogon
Formats played: VGC 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023
Bio: Been playing since Series 6 in SwSh, was pretty mediocre in gen 8 but in SV I have gotten significantly better in my opinion. I have been performing well at local events, and ended 5-4 at my first regional. Manager for team Michigan in both seasons of USPA.
Name: Nix/Jontra
Relevant social media: Jontra#2060, @NFJontra
Formats played: VGC16,17 SWSH Series 5 and onwards, VGC23
Bio: Played as a senior in IRLs in 16, going to IRLs again in VGC23(t128 Liverpool and London EUIC), played for Luxembourg in VR World Cup'22
Name: XacerB8
Relevant Social Media: spincognito#6590, spinncognito on twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC2017, VGC2018, VGC2020, VGC2021, VGC2022, VGC2023
Bio: long time lurker, first time poster
Name: Real GLaDOS
Relavent Social Media: Mudkipz#7684
Formats played: All SV VGC formats
Bio: only been in VGC for 4 months, but competed at the Fort Wayne regional, going 4-5 including getting a game win against Justin Tang and almost taking the set.
Name: Thaison (charisma)
Relevant Social Media: charismaacheck (Twitter) charismaacheck#0069 (Discord)
Formats played: SWSH era series 1-12, SV era series 1-2, regulation C.
Bio: Been playing since SWSH, Day 2 NAIC 2022, SV T16 Ft. Wayne. USPA PA manager. I signed up for custom avi so I will be active plz draft <3
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Name: Alex (Azulite)
Relevant Social Media: Twitter: @Azulite_poke, Discord: Azulite#0100
Formats played: VGC2017, VGC2018, VGC2019, VGC2020, VGC2021, VGC2022, VGC2023
Bio: I'm a big family guy, Global Challenge 2 6th, Salt Lake City Regionals Top 4 2022, Collinsville Regionals Top 4 2020, WCS Invite 2017,2019,2022
Name: Tara
Relevant Social Media: @SmolVGC
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
VGC2023, VGC2022 and VGC2021
Got top 16 at a couple online tours during s8 and s12, and top cut seniors vancouver last year. Just came in eighth overall in the gc for seniors, and I've been playing pretty well recently. Won a local tour idk if that counts for anything. (I do have a good chunk of experience in team tours!)


DPL Champion
Name: EternalSnowman
Relevant Social Media: follow me on twitter EternalSnowman :]
Formats played (please state the actual format names):
have a decent amount of exp, started in 2019, beat Wolfey in player's cup 2, gotten points from a few regionals (altho never cut) and currently am going for worlds
Name: Blizz
Media: Blizz#0231 (Discord) Blizz_vg (Twitter)
Formats: Gen 8 VGC Series 5-12 but can play Gen 9 if needed
Bio: Been playing VGC Since early 2020
16th Fort Wayne 2023
1st Ninopokebros FF #49
2x Mt. Silver Champion
T32 Rose Tower S12 Pre-Worlds Challenge
Name: Nash
Relevant Social Media: NashVGC (Twitter), Nash#3706 (Discord)
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC17-23
3rd place in PTC 2021(South Korea)
Name: zoxl
Relevant Social Media: 캐티#7700 (Discord)
Formats played: VGC2019, 21, 22, 23
Bio: 2022 PTC 7th (South Korea Regional)
Name: Jesse
Relevant Social Media: vgcjesse on twitter
Formats played (please state the actual format names): yes
Bio: pls don't draft me I'm just here cause they needed more signups
Name: Keeno
Relevant Social Media: Twitter @KeenoVGC
Formats played:
VGC 2023
Bio: Played my 1st event at Fortwayne. But going to heartford,Milwaukee,NAIC & trying to find a group to go to Fresno with. When I find something I like I go very hard into it. This would be my 1st Draft league appearance
Name: Neo
Relevant Social Media: N30*#4003
Formats played (please state the actual format names): Vgc (2020-2022) and Vgc 2023
Bio: I play pokemon


is the Smogon Tour Season 35 Champion
UUPL Champion
Name: MichaelderBeste2
Relevant Social Media: @MichaelderBeste on Twitter (will Post stuff soon)
Formats Played: VGC23 (Regulation C OTS)
Bio: I started playing VGC with the Release of SV and since then I Grind my ass off getting better every day.

- Top 8 Bochum Regional in February
- Top 32 Utrecht Special Event in March
- 6-3 Record (Top 150) International Championships in April
- Multiple Top 5 peaks on Regulation B and Regulation C Ladder
- High amount of tournament wins in Limitless Tournaments (MichaelderBeste there)
Name: ChouRaven
Relevant Social Media: ChouRaven on Twitter
Formats played: VGC 2014, SwSh Series 5-12, SV Series 2 & Reg C (Have experience with all the above, but prefer to play more recent formats)
Been playing VGC since X&Y, but only really started taking it seriously in early Gen 8. No recent accomplishments due to life, and lack of funds for travelling, but looking for more tournament experience, and looking to improve overall.
Name: Artcar
Relevant Social Media: @ArtcarVGC , Pyrods#9554
Formats played (please state the actual format names): VGC19, VGC20, VGC21, VGC22, VGC23 REGC
Bio: I've done well in grassroot online tournaments in the last years, I came back to the game after a short break in march for personal reasons.
Name: kolacrusher1
Relevant social media: (discord) Xtinct Sans#5885
Formats played: VGC 2021, 2022, 2023
Bio: Plays for fun and wins
Top 150 on in game masters ladder consistently
Helped teambuild my top 50 in game ladder buddies
Completly teambuilt my friends team who went Number one in game this format
Went top 50 in game with Slowbro
All of this while being a straight A highschooler on a varsity sport team
Name: ZanzibarVgc
Relevant Social Media: ZanzibarVgc #3005(Discord)
Formats played: VGC 2019, VGC 2020, VGC 2021, VGC 2022, VGC 2023

Bio: Started competing in events in 2019, vgc addict

Accomplishments: World's qualifier 2019-2023, Day 2 euic23, day 2 naic 22, top 16 Charlotte 23
Nameb: Ze Banded
Relevant SM: Twitter @ZeBanded | Discord Ze Banded#3365
Formats played: VGC 2022, VGC 2023
Bio: Started playing since May 2022 in SwSh. Biggest acomplishments thus fars are a peak of rank 350 in SwSh cart battle stadium, rank 2000 in SV GC 1, becoming a twitter funny man, getting recognised on showdown ladder as twitter funny man multiple times, and being mutual with Justin Tang.
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