Custom Server Issues

I'm helping someone create a custom server for PS, and we've noticed a couple of issues with it. Whenever a player tries to battle in a format/tier that doesn't allow illegal Pokemon, they'll get this message:

This happens no matter what Pokemon is used.

There are also problems with the ladder. After a battle is finished, this happens:

These files were used of course, so we're not sure what the issue is. Also, the operating system the server is being hosted on is Windows Server 2003 Enterprise, if that matters. If you need any more details, just ask. (I figured this would belong in a separate thread rather than the stickies since most of the posts there are related to the official server.)


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You need to register your server to use the ladder.

As for the battling issue, are you trying to customize formats? You're probably doing it wrong. Does it work if you just leave the files alone?
Sorry for the late reply. My friend has been too busy to host our server, so we had to find someone else (and we were successful). The formats are no longer a problem, but the plot thickens. We're now having issues with the user groups. No one has any authority, so we're unable to promote anyone. Someone asked you about this earlier, but:

PPN: Zarel said something about creating a usergroup.csv file
PPN: did, but its not working
Also, how does one register a server? Do I need to ask you to register it on the Pokémon Showdown website?

Edit: Thanks.

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