Daily Deathmatch 2017/2018 (Survivor Leaderboards)


formerly Zygardeorder
Date: 7th October 2017
Theme: Cake Boss
First: Plasmaan
Second: Kazzie
PL: OM Room, Ed-e for the win, SnapEasy, A Phantom, Rainshaft, Ace_78, Gui♡Shark, mitsuki, samsamblaze, PikachuSean, LifeOrbLileep, Gallant Spear, Emma☯Femcario
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formerly Zygardeorder
Date: 9th October 2017 @ 6PM
Theme: Follow the Leader
First: Immortal Folly
Second: Kazzie
PL: Emma☯Femcario, Kazzie, Immortal Folly, A Phantom, ElbowSkinn, Gui♡Shark, BigPimpin12, CalayoPhantom, Baloor, Mashedmagikarp, Mitsuki, OM Room, Spieky, axelraid

OM room

You lost the game
October 12th, 2017: 6PM DD
Theme: Poles
First: A Phantom
Second: Spieky
PL: A Phantom, Spieky, Master Jenny, kAzzIe, Ace_78, Rainshaft, Antonio67108864, Ed-e for the win, Dan - Venturer, Tails72, CalayoPhantom, Gui♡Shark, Emma (Femcario), Mitsuki, Mashedmagikarp, Baloor, BigPimpin12, SnapEasy, Plasmaan, EmperorFun
Date/Time: October 14th 6pm Est
Theme: Classic
First: Rainshaft
Second: Antonio67108864

PL: Rainshaft, Antonio67108864, kazzie, Ruffhauser, Baloor, gallant's pear, goast, ruby, Spieky, Ace_78, BigPimpin12, ElbowSkinn, Ed-e for the win, Emma☯Femcario, Gui♡Shark, samsamblaze, Stratospheres, A Phantom, EmperorFun, Jeans (Umbreon), CalayoPhantom, inactive, Fuzzytales


formerly Phantomgenius
Posting on behalf of Cheese
October 15th, 12PM EST
Theme: Outlaws Chaos+Fishing
First: Ryota Mitarai
Second: jh3828 (teal)
PL: Ryota Mitarai, jh3828 (teal) ✓, Stratospheres, Gui♡Shark ><^>, samsamblaze, Jennisa, Delta Cephei, Antonio67108864, Ed-e for the win, Spieky, ScorrchingTheaph, EmmaFemcario

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