Daily Deathmatch 2017/2018 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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Date/Time: March 30, 2018; 6 PM
Theme: Chase The Ace
First: The king64739
Second: Ruby.boi
Players: LS's Ghost, Darkeruser234, Gui & Shark, Dominicly, Hurl, Glacierider, Spieky, youhavelostperiod, OM Room, Antonio4294967296, Alexander489, Lunar.
We have reached the end of a month of DD, here are the results for MARCH 2018!

TOP 5:
Tushavi, 262 points, 13 firsts, 8 seconds, 46 participations, 0 hosts
2nd: The king64739, 239 points, 13 firsts, 5 seconds, 42 participations, 0 hosts
3rd: Alexander489, 225 points, 5 firsts, 13 firsts, 55 participations, 0 hosts
4th: Gui & Shark, 162 points, 3 firsts, 3 seconds, 45 participations, 9 hosts
5th: kazuya miyuki, 126 points, 6 firsts, 4 seconds, 23 participations, 0 hosts

Most Firsts:
Tushavi (1st place, 262 points) AND The king64739 (2nd place, 239 points) with 13 firsts each (NEW DD RECORD)
Most Seconds:
Alexander489 (3rd place, 225 points) with 13 seconds (NEW DD RECORD)
Most Participations:
Alexander489 (3rd place, 225 points) with 55 participations
Most Hosts: Rainshaft (6th place, 122 points) with 28 hosts (NEW DD RECORD)

Some records were broken this month along with some streaks, so congratulations to everyone this month!
Best of luck to everyone in April!
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First place awarded to: Tushavi.
Second place awarded to: Spieky.
Host points awarded to: Henka. [
Participation points awarded to: Gui & Shark ><^>, LS's Ghost, GreatHero, RicaChomp, Toni XY, Hurl¤, Antonio4294967296, Geene, Glacierider, OM Room, surreal cancer, deetah, Zyg-10, Mitsuki, Taen Insurgence.

2/4/2018 2nd DD, Weardown™ (more about that later)


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Date/Time: April 7, 6PM
Theme: Super Survivor Bros
First: Geene
Second: Alexander489
Participation Points: LS's Ghost, Henka, mymemeislife, Glacierider, The king64739, ScorrchingTheaph, OM Room, Antonio4294967296.
Date and Time: 11AM - 08/04/2018
Theme: Twisted Tranquility
Victor: gallant's pear
Second Place: Antonio4294967296
PL: deetah, InfernoDragon18, ItzGqlaxy, Elgino10, Tushavi, Antonio4294967296, The king64739, Rainshaft, Henka, Alexander489, kazuya miyuki, Milkshook , gallant's pear
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