Daily Deathmatch 2017/2018 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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Date/Time: 4th of May, 6PM
Theme: Hot Potato
First Place: Mitsuki
Second Place: surreal cancer
Participation points awarded to: Alexander489, Smajet, Kathey, Tod☆redrob, ShayminManGamez, Glacierider, Tushavi, my little toni, Spieky, OM Room, deetah, A Phantom, Shadecession, The king64739, Sentimentality.
The first RR where you have the highest chance to die if you pull on 6, smashing game
May 10, 2018, 11AM EST
YOUR HOST: Shadecession ⌐■_■
Theme: RR
First: Alexander489
Second: The king64739
Competitors: Taen Insurgence, Alexander489, Glacierider, The king64739, hawkie, Echo Elepaio, OM Room, Ex-Cited Raichu


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Date/Time: May 11, 6PM
Theme: Avoidance
First: The king64739
Second: deetah
Participation Points: surreal cancer, MY Little Toni, Alexander489, TerrifyingBanette, Glacierider, Spieky.
Date and Time: Sat. 12th May 2018
Theme: (t)Hot Potato
Victor: Alexander489
Runner up: deetah
PL: The king64739, Ruby.boi, ScorrchingTheaph, i m SoApY, levipokemon2007, ceteris, Rainshaft, Gui's Hark, My Little Toni, Alexander489, deetah, OreoOreoOreoOreo, Mirius
[03:07:12] +Henka: .addpoints Henka, spieky, deetah, surreal cancer, Gui-Shark, TheOneLonleyCow, Alexander489, Tushavi, The king64739, Mitsuki
[03:07:12] Sir Vivor: First place awarded to: spieky. Second place awarded to: deetah. Host points awarded to: Henka.
[03:07:13] Sir Vivor: Participation points awarded to: surreal cancer, Gui-Shark, TheOneLonleyCow, Alexander489, Tushavi, The king64739, Mitsuki.

deetz nuts

Theme: Fishing Outlaws TTP

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