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Daily Deathmatch 2017/2018 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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OM room

Isn't the ocean lovely?
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Date & Time: September 16th, 2018 @ 6PM
Theme: Hunger Games but elbowskinn makes everyone spontaneously combust
Winner: elbowskinn
2nd: reely
PL: Poipole is not, Baloor, Ouija Board, Rainshaft, Cleo, tushavi, CreamyKitty, Ilikebugs, sciencepanda, Gui★Shark, Lionyx, LinkyD.0, Alexander489, Taen Insurgence, EpicCreeper9002, Mitsuki, elbowskinn, reely
Eeveelutions for this one with Glaceon's updated ability
September 18, 2018, 11AM EST
Shadecession ⌐■_■
Theme: Eeveelutions
First: gallant's pear
Second: bee&ka'y1@9!7-6
Competitors: Emerald.boi, Meanie poo, Poipole is not, gallant's pear, Alexander489, ElbowSkinn, LinkyD.0, bee&ka'y1@9!7-6


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Date/Time: September 18, 6PM
Theme: Classic
First: Alexander489
Second: Taen Insurgence
Participation Points: OM, Gui★Shark, Kazuya★Miyuki, Cleo, reely, Tushavi, Ilikebugs, PlsDeletesystem32, CrushforceX, LinkyD.0, ryyjyywyy


formerly GuiTheNerd
Date/Time: 19th September, 11AM
Theme: Outlaws
First Place: inactive
Second Place: Tushavi
Participation points awarded to: 2.0 x G^1, llcorice, ElbowSkinn, Alexander489, LinkyD.0, sciencepanda, Emerald.boi, bee&ka'y1@9!7-6, Hurl.


From a movie scene~
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Date and Time: September 21, 2018 at 6 PM
Theme: Rock, Paper, Scissors!

First: Alexander489
Second: LinkyD.0

PL: Guishark, Alexander489, sciencepanda, Breeze101010, Emerald.boi, Baloor, Ilikebugs, ElbowSkinn, Mitsuki, DekuSkrub69, Tushavi, LinkyD.0

OM room

Isn't the ocean lovely?
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Date & Time: Thursday, September 27th @ 11AM
Theme: Hunger Games Spotlight
First: %Elbowskinn
Second: Boltthemaster
PL: Gui★Shark, Alexander489, bee&ka'y1@9!7-6, Emerald.boi, WhyDoWeExist, LinkyD.0, Tushavi, Elbowskinn, BoltTheMaster

Congratulations to Elbowskinn on driver!!!
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