Daily Deathmatch 2017/2018 (Survivor Leaderboards)

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date & time: december 5, 2018 at 12 pm
theme: risk

first: elbowskinn
second: tushavi

PL: AleXmas489, Gamerguy456, toni xy, gallant's pear, Rudolphs Faart, Mitsuki, ElbowSkinn, LinkyD.0, Cleo, i M s~O_a_P)y , OM

Modkilled: Gamerguy456

OM edit: Have a great day inac don't let those jerks affect you!!!


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Date/Time: December 8th @ 12pm
Theme: Hot Potato
First: LinkyD.0
Second: gallant's pear
Players: Ilikebugs, Alexander489, YaleDropout, GeneralGunderson, Mewniverse, Suspicious_soul, excited raichu, Rudolphs Faart, Mitsuki, MitsukisFriendsDad, Ceteris, sciencepanda


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Date/Time: December 10, 2018; 6 PM
Theme: Classic
First: Whimpering
Second: Isoxls
Participation Points: Cleo, Echo Elepaio, Ceteris, BlurryGenet, Alexander489, Freddy Kyogre, sciencepanda, PeppaOG, Mitsuki, Snap, Mistletoe (Comfey), Lionyx, LinkyD.0, YaleDropout, WingdingNoob.
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