Daily Deathmatch 2019 (Survivor Leaderboards)


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This is a thread for Survivor room on Pokemon Showdown. Every day we play and host dozens of fun games using the !dice or !roll commands. Meaning you'll need the luck of the roll to win. The main focus to these games is being the last alive or the survivor. In the mix of these survivor games, we'll throw in 2 Daily Deathmatches. This means you can can earn points for winning a game. These games will always be hosted by a roomauth. You can also earn points by winning a game with 7+ players.

Will be hosted at 12PM EST and 6PM EST every day. Be there or be square.

  • (1st): 10 points
  • (2nd): 5 points
  • (Host): 3 points
  • (Winning a game with 7+ players) 3 points
  • (All): 2 points

Hall Of Fame:

Our DD Winner Hall Of Fame can be found here, and is kept regularly updated every month.

Our last DD Thread can be found here.


Being the DD Winner for the month will net you some cool prizes such as a role in our official theme, Super Survivor Bros, a Room Bot command, a mention in the Room Intro and starting this year, the highest place reg that finishes inside the top 5 of the DD leaderboard can host some DD's the next month, 1st geting them 3, 2nd and 3rd netting them 2 and the 4th and 5th geting them 1.

Remember that all room rules will still apply. Give them a quick read if you haven't already.
(NEW: A new rule has been added to DDs, check it out on our room rules page linked above.)
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posting this because gui is a dummy and forgot

Date & Time: January 4, 2019 at 6 PM
Theme: Outlaws HT

First: Cleo
Second: ElbowSkinn

PL: Cleo, ElbowSkinn, Whimpering, TheSealGoesMeow, Rainshaft, t$oni%x$y, Mitsuki, GG Testing Time, Ilikebugs, Ruby.boi.
Date/Time: January 7, 2019; 12PM
Theme: Classic
First: madis12354
Second: ceteris
Participation Points: Rainshaft, inactive, String shoot, TheSealGoesMeow, pranav7475, BanchiHunter, Cleo, SNAP, Mitsuki.


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Date/Time: January 8, 2019; 6PM
Theme: Hidden Type (Protean)
First: ElbowSkinn
Second: lil spieko
Participation Points: TheSealGoesMeow, String Shoot, LS's Ghost, AndrewThePenguin, Whimpering, Mitsuki, Ilikebugs, ceteris


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Date/Time: January 9, 2019; 12PM
Theme: Super Survivor Bros
First: ceteris
Second: Echo Elepaio
Participation Points: gui >< ͡º> shark, gallant's pear, ceteris, Mitsuki, Faineant, BedWedBehead, t$oni%x$y, ElbowSkinn, Yahboyboter


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Date/Time: January 10, 12PM
Theme: Days of the Week
First: Ceteris
Second: gallant's pear
Participation Points: Cleo, Faineant, xDabLordx, Echo Elepaio, cuddleszz, ElbowSkinn
Date/Time: January 10, 2019; 6PM
Theme: Welcome to our Chat
First: Whimpering
Second: I'm No Joke
Participation Points: xDabLordx, Ceteris, TheSeelGoesMeow, String shoot, Ilikebugs, lil spieko, Mitsuki


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Date/Time: January 11, 6PM
Theme: Fishing
First: Mitsuki
Second: sciencepanda
Participation points awarded to: Whimpering, Cleo, TheSeelGoesMeow, lil spieko, Ilikebugs, damnright, ceteris, inactive.


formerly GuiTheNerd
Date/Time: January 12, 12PM
Theme: Dual Hidden Type
First: Emerald.REEEE
Second: gallant's pear
Participation points awarded to: Lalaballs, TheSeelGoesMeow, Yahboyboter, Cleo, ceteris, Tushavi, DipDab.

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