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Hi Smogon (or Haunter, or Great Sage, whichever read this first)

We are all very grateful for DougJustDoug work here on Smogon and all the projects he started and programs he designed and writed all by himself. But the damage calc designed by him is a little outdated (only support gen4), I think is time to change the link on the main page to a more accurate one (newest don't mean accurate and I will not postulate any of the great damage calc from various Smogon programers).

We need an up-to-date damage calcs for all our needs in BW2, VGC and LC metagame, thanks for understanding.


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the calculator supports gen V fairly well (not sure if there are any formula inconsistencies but they're finer points at best), you just have to input the base stats and types and what not manually. there are plenty of other calcs you can turn to if you don't want to do that, eg honko's. they will not be linked on the front page and there are some good reasons for it (not really "official" calculators, etc)
Exactly. Considering we're directly connected to Pokemon Showdown!, it would make sense to have Honko's calc replace Doug's as the official Smogon one (once Honko implements Keldeo and stuff) :P
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