Damage Calculator Question

Hey, i know this is more of a support question than a suggestion but I seriously stared at the forum for 5 minutes and I couldn't find where to put this lol. If it was obvious I'm sorry. No sleep after new years.

Anyways one day randomly the Smogon Calculator stopped showing the Stats numerical values after i put in all the other information for any pokemon. I was wondering if anyone had any clue why this happens. I asked other people and it seems to work perfectly for them still.
This is only slightly related but, could someone change the ling for the damage calcuator on the Homepage or update it please its only Gen 4


Where'd they come from? And where are they headed?
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There are only three people on this site who can do that afaik and it's been asked about before, so don't expect much. Besides, Doug's calc works just fine for 5th gen as long as you don't mind adjusting base stats and typing and other little things.

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