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2 new pokèmon: Sableye
AO: Nico l ID: 29991
Nature: Careful l Ability: Keen Eye
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31
Moveset: Fake Out l Recover l Will-O-Whisp l Hidden Power
Evs: 252/x/4/x/252/x
AO: Pete l ID: 57793
Nature: Adamant l Ability: SteadFast
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 15 l 31 l 31 l 28
Moveset: Drain Punch l Shadow Ball l Psycho Cut l Helping Hand 
Evs: 252/255/x/x/x/3
2 new pokèmon:

AO: Luca l ID: 26861
Nature: Jolly l Ability: Chlorophyll (DW)
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31
Moveset: Sword Dance l Leaf Blade l Return l Substitute
Evs: x/252/4/x/x/252
AO: Luca l ID: 26861
Nature: Timid l Ability: Magic Bounce (DW)
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 30 l 30 l 30
Moveset: Calm Mind l Psychic l Shadow Ball l Hidden Power
Evs: 4/x/x/252/x/252


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I'm sorry to intrude, but DW Charmander hasn't been released outside of Japan, and the Pokécheck poké you've linked to has an Italian OT. Therefore, regardless of whether or not it was RNG abused, it was probably injected in the Entralink forest, and as such, shouldn't be traded on Smogon.
Darkvide, I know there's a language barrier here, but please answer these simple questions.

1) Is OT: Luca ID: 26861 one of your OTs or not?

2) If it is not, who's is it?

If you do not directly answer these questions, your thread will be locked and you may be blacklisted.
After speaking with darkvide, it seems I was a bit too hasty. According to him, the Charizard was given to him by the user Latios2 of PokemonMillennium. Instead of being put on the full fledged wifi blacklist, darkvide, for now, is on the probational blacklist. Should we catch him trading hacked Pokemon again, he will be added to the real deal.

Please remove all Pokemon with the OT Luca and you may resume trading, darkvide.
new pokèmon:

AO: Davide l ID: 46602
Nature: Adamant l Ability: Technician
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 22 l 20
Moveset: Close Combat l Fake Out l Detect l Quick Attack
Evs: 252/252/x/x/x/4
new pokèmon: Ludicolo
AO: Mauro l ID: 38595
Nature: Modest l Swift Swin
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31
Moveset: Fake Out l Hydro Pump l Giga Drain l Protect
Evs: 6/x/x/252/x/252
AO: Itachi l ID: 35325
Nature: Rash l Ability: Chlorophyll
Ivs: 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31 l 31
Moveset: Weather Ball l Leaf Blade l Growth l Sludge Bomb
Evs: x/200/x/56/x/252
After the last incident and this post confirming that you're offering a pretty wide array of hacked Pokemon, it's become obvious you're not worthy of being trusted. You have been added to the wifi blacklist for good this time.
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