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Hi! I've always been a dreamer. I like to daydream, and on most days there are several chances to do just that! When I'm on the train to work, when I'm going for a walk, in bed before I fall asleep...
I tend to construct long, elaborate stories in my daydreams over the course of several weeks or months. I don't enjoy writing them down. But I love to draw my own protagonists, as well as my side characters. Since I'm back into the Pokémon fandom lately, most of my daydreams and artwork are about Pokémon right now. :D

Here's some of my recent work. :)
All of my drawings are mixed media - the lineart is always traditional (drawn with fineliner pens), the colours are always digital.
How I do the shading, lighting and textures depends on how much time I want to invest in a drawing. Sometimes it's done traditionally with pencil, sometimes it's done digitally.

I drew myself with my Pokémon dream team. Each of my imaginary team members has a vivid personality and is important to me.
A humongous elder Onix has just lost a battle against a young Turtwig. She bows down in defeat before the small, but mighty twig tortoise.
The same Turtwig character from before. This drawing shows her right after she met her new trainer at Lake Verity, protecting the child from an aggressive Starly attack. She dreamily plays with a feather her defeated foe has lost.
I felt like drawing a peaceful scene with my Mystery Dungeon characters: After finishing a daring rescue mission, the little heroes of Team Draconia take a well-deserved nap together.
It took her many exciting adventures, but the leader of Rescue Team Draconia has finally evolved!
An ancient, mythical creature enjoys the starry nightsky, together with a young Charmander.
Have a cute crow dressing up as a cool crow for her favourite holiday.
Not a Pokémon, but I wanted to show you anyway. I gave my old pony roleplay character a new design. She's pictured with her pet bat, a proud and cheeky little thing. I'm not really into "My Little Pony" anymore, but many of my friends are fans of the show, so I still play pony-themed pen & paper roleplaying games with them.

Yep, that's it for now. Of course I would be very happy about comments and/or feedback. :)
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