Tournament DCL I - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize, SIGNUPS CLOSED]

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User name: grumpymeat

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag grumpymeat

Tiers Preferred USUM

Availability available as much as is necessary

Player Info I've been playing Pokemon for a long time, not competitively, but I enjoy the USUM gen comp the most. There's no reason to really choose me but I'll show up if you do.
User name: Pevere1l

Time Zone GMT-6

Discord Tag Peverell

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability free all week days, not weekends

Player Info I love competitive Pokémon. I have played a lot of ladders on showdown, but I have just started entering tournaments. I love watching important tournaments and high level players, especially in VGC
User name: pfloyd

Time Zone GMT+1

Discord Tag pinkerthanfloyd pinkerthanfloyd

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar

Availability Most in-week evenings from 20:00 to 00:00 and weekends late morning or early evening

Player Info never cooked well since 2018

Ara ara

is a Social Media Contributor Alumnus
User name: Ara ara

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag ara.ara.sayonara

Tiers Preferred USUM, ORAS, All

Availability outside of university times

Player Info very willing to help other tiers with testing or building
User name: tuy

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag sardinnedu40#9904

Tiers Preferred ORAS

Availability all expect monday/tuesday afternoon

Player Info play pokemon
User name: A brazilian guy

Time Zone GMT-3

Discord Tag dominador_de_terra

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar

Availability Weekends, weekdays night and depending on the month, weekdays afternoon.

Player Info I've started playing draft in 2021. It is my favorite format to play pokemon. I have been an active member of a few servers such as GDL (Global Draft League - Owned by YveltalNL) and BDL (Bums Draft League), having adquired wins and finals appearances in both. I have a preference for Galar Draft sinde i feel more confortable with the slower pace of the game, but i have no problem with Paldea. Although i have not played Draft in either USUM or ORAS, i played the metas when they were current and have decent knowledge to help in building and play if needed. I love Draft and would Love to play in this tournment.
User name: saurhead

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag saurhead

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar

Availability Every week day after 7:30 PM

Player Info Casually playing Showdown for years, but have recently wanted to get more competitive. Definitely not a star player by any means, but I love draft leagues and would love to play! I am an extremely busy college student, however, so I only have time in the evening. I will still be active, should I be selected.
User name: Deli(real)

Time Zone GMT+7

Discord Tag iron_deli

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability 5:30pm-9:30pmPST on weekdays
12pm-10:30pm PST on weekends

Player Info VGC Player
Have only performed in one draft league(VGC)
I got 26th in the 2nd Global Challenge(Senior Division)
I am always down to help you guys teambuild
User name: Mogo

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag .mogo.

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability I have just started grad school so during the days I am not always around but nights I usually am. Other than that, the weekend of 10/27 I will be going to Toronto for the regional, but can play earlier in the week.

Player Info I am one of the people who helped with tiering for VGC for this tour and have been doing VGC draft for around 2 years now with a couple chips under my belt in WPF and WBG. I'm looking to be on a team that will care about their VGC players and not just leave me to my own devices each week. I want to be a part of the team, help out and have them do the same for me. Looking forward to hopefully getting to take part in this!
User name: dunoks

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag dunoks

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar

Availability Sometimes...

Player Info I take showers... sometimes...
User name: Chetyre

Time Zone GMT-6

Discord Tag riccardo.s

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, ORAS, SV VGC

Availability College. Weekdays after 3pm weekends all

Player Info I like making lil silly teams and having silly fun and winning thanks
User name: ScytheAdam

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag Scythe1

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, SV VGC

Availability free during midday, i work 20 hours a week and usually work 1-7 or 3-7, i have 3 classes, with there only being classes in the morning on tuesday wednesday thursday

Player Info Top 300 in swsh vgc, have been top 500 in national dex and gen 8 ou, top 1000 in sv vgc
User name: swaggy franco

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag adamhun7

Tiers Preferred All

Availability weekends, most weekdays after 4pm EST

Player Info Swaggy Franco
User name: wyvernlrd0107

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag wyvernlrd#1742

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, SV VGC

Availability Available whenever im not in class

Player Info New to smogon tournaments but have played in many draft leagues and have played pokemon for like most of my life.
User name: Hengarath

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag hengarr

Tiers Preferred All

Availability Thursday-Saturday anytime.
Sunday/tuesday/wednesday 500pm and after.
Monday - Unavailable

Player Info hengarath
User name: Grankie

Time Zone GMT+10

Discord Tag Grankie

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability Will be free at the beginning of october for 6-8 weeks

Player Info I'm a long time draft league player beginning from 2016. Throughout that time I've been a common team tour pickup, notably playing in DPL, Clash of Kings and TDT, as a mostly all round player. Individually my main leagues were GSA and OLT, where I would rarely miss playoffs.

These days I work a ton, but throughout my draft break I have picked up smogon LC as a main tier and participated in multiple team tours there. I have laddered casually and have overall improved immensely as a player, So I'm excited to see how I stack up against old friends :)
User name: dreadmaster70

Time Zone GMT-3

Discord Tag dreadmaster70

Tiers Preferred USUM, ORAS

Availability 5pm to 11pm gmt-3

Player Info Average Gen 7 OU and Ubers tier player
User name: Nitrology

Time Zone GMT+9

Discord Tag nitr0logy

Tiers Preferred SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability all days except thurdays and fridays

Player Info idk
User name: mesmeralda

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag missmes

Tiers Preferred All

Availability Very flexible in schedule, can make a lot of times work. Preferably any time in the weekends, however.

Player Info Not sure what to write here, so what I'll write might not make sense.
Been pretty active over the last 3 years in more private singles draft leagues, here's a recent replay of a battle of me vs Riss (choose this one since RIss is a known name)
I also participated in a local VGC tour once but didn't achieve anything notable.
User name: Finnteleon

Time Zone GMT+0

Discord Tag kawaiinaya

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, USUM, ORAS

Availability Generally available evenings, can put aside no more than hour a night (weeknights). Won't be free during working hours (e.g. GMT 8:00-17:30).

Player Info just like playing and would love to do a draft
User name: Stom550

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag stom550#2785

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability weekends only

Player Info pokemon player
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