Tournament DCL I - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize, SIGNUPS CLOSED]

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User name: Steven Stone 007

Time Zone GMT+5.5

Discord Tag regularguy7192

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, SV VGC

Availability All Day

Player Info just Win and Serious !!!
User name: P4bl00

Time Zone GMT-6

Discord Tag .therealPablo_

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS, SV VGC, All

Availability Nothing should mess with my availability and I should always be free for mocks.

Player Info I can play all the formats listed in an above average manner and I mean that I have months worth of experience in each of this formats even longer for some. I am not very well known so would definitely be a value pick, but I promise if I am picked I will do anything to help the team, whether that means actually playing games or even just helping with mocks. I will do everything I can to ensure the teams success. I can guarantee that if any captain wants to give me a chance they definitely wont regret it.
User name: JD Twigs

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag twigs26

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, USUM, ORAS

Availability 9-Noon and 5PM-1AM weekdays and after 10 AM weekends

Player Info I’ve been playing since Gen 6, but I joined the draft league circuit this past December. In my time I’ve played I’ve made finals in leagues such as WPF and Burned Tower’s draft league in National Dex leagues. I also recently won the Eon circuit on WPF’s server and am still in both the low tier circuit and Summer Seasonal play. I love being helpful building teams and I an normally around to do mocks with people!
User name: Don Platinum

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag DonPlatinum

Tiers Preferred USUM, ORAS

Availability I just work, should be available most of the time!

Player Info Been playing Draft league for a long time now.
Made brackets for oras cup awhile back and also obtained a chip in oras during the end of oras days.

Didn't play USUM Cup, however, I have the most experience of draft from usum days. Probably is my favorite/second favorite gen to play. If replays are required I will provide to those who ask.
User name: hjj no

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag hjjno

Tiers Preferred All

Availability I'm pretty active and available

Player Info been playing in draft for 2.5 years now, have participated in all public Smogon tours and have done decently well in some of them, and have won quite a bit of leagues outside of Smogon... idk what else to say haha


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User name: SMB

Time Zone GMT+2

Discord Tag _smb_

Tiers Preferred SV VGC

Availability I'll have time to build and play

Player Info I've played more than a couple vgc/dou draft team tours even if i'm not active in the draft community. I'm pretty sure i finished mvp in all of them but you can scout for the exact information or pm me if you need replays.
User name: CM_Metro

Time Zone GMT+0

Discord Tag m.e.t.r.o.

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM, ORAS

Availability No availability issues expected

Player Info Played in various team tournaments including DPL and TDT. Good teammate, good prep support etc. Would prefer to play ORAS over the others but I'm flexible enough to play any of the other 3.
User name: Swagata Mitra

Time Zone GMT+5.5

Discord Tag theswaggyboii

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar

Availability college but managable

Player Info Playing draft tours for quite a few time now, most of the time making into the poffs into the diff disc servers.For the smogon tours Went to top 256 in the Sv draft,top 128 in SS draft,playing in round 9 of the summer sznl and 5-2 record now for the smogon discord draft.Other discord draft includes top 8 in legends allience S3,semis in LA offseason, Semis in the WPF Eon tour, e.t.c. For other non draft tours went to top 16 in the ndnu kickoff, top 8 in the ndru kickoff, making poffs with the team in hpl e.t.c. So really hoping to get picked this season and play well :))
User name: Kavchi

Time Zone GMT+5.5

Discord Tag .kauchi

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, SV VGC

Availability Available al season

Player Info Draft beginner
User name: Don Bork

Time Zone GMT-4

Discord Tag .b.o.r.k.

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM

Availability Classes and Work but other than that I’m good

Player Info Played in numerous draft leagues and have always made playoffs.
User name: Garden Sage

Time Zone GMT+0

Discord Tag garden.sage

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, USUM

Availability There shouldn't be any constraints

Player Info I've been playing draft leagues for years now. Semi-retired before SV, but I'm back ever since smogon joined the draft format.
Team building is my specialty and I'd say I'm a solid player too.
Feel free to ask for replays if you're interested.


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User name: Itchy

Time Zone GMT-5

Discord Tag nyassified

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea

Availability Most available Friday-Monday, still around evenings

Player Info Having fun with draft, played some tours here on smogon / the smogon discord. Would love to sub and support, can play if needed
User name: Palkia62

Time Zone GMT+1

Discord Tag Palkia62

Tiers Preferred SV Paldea, SS Galar, ORAS

Availability Work + will be in a few leagues

Player Info Been on a winning team tour previously, where I won a game in the final series. I made Top 32 in SWSH smogon circuit. I have had success in different draft league and tours over the last few years.
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